Monday, Thursday Blunders, and Weekend Recap

I kinda sorta had a small case of The Monday’s today so I am glad to see that it is almost quittin’ time because that means its almost Wine Time! Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

Anyways, I never got around to posting a Thursday Blunders for last week so this is my blunder – I forgot to post a Thursday Blunders post! I know. I know. This is lazy and a cop out, but to be honest life is just busy right now. Like crazy busy. So just pour a glass of wine… go ahead, I’ll wait…..great. Now, take a sip. Savor, enjoy, and relax. I promise I will get back on my blogging game in the very near future 😉

Okay now for the weekend recap…

Friday was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!! That’s right! I turned 28 on the 28th!! I had a great birthday, and here’s a quick run down:

First I did nothing all day at work except go to lunch and eat homemade cupcakes. For real.

Then I got home and got presents! FirefighterDad surprised me with a Garmin 610!!! A GARMIN 610 ya’ll!!! And a green iPod Shuffle! A GREEN iPOD SHUFFLE!!! The best gifts EVER. Then my family all pitched in to get my treadmill belt replaced! SO freakin’ excited!

Friday was then a blur of lemon drops, and root beer beer. Yes, root beer flavored beer. Get some. Now. You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday I was up with Diapers and was completely lazy. I had a long run to get done and my Garmin 610 practically calling my name, but I was pretty tired and FirefighterDad had errands and meetings at the firehouse. So Diapers and I watched movies and lounged. FirefighterDad returned home with his newly purchased boat (yes, a boat. And this might just deserve it’s own post so stay tuned).

Since Tropical Storm Erika decided to unleash her rage with anticipated rainfall we took the boat out. Diapers loved it, FirefighterDad loved, I hated it. End.Of.Story.

When we were finally safe back on solid ground, I crashed hard ya’ll. Hanging onto a 3 year old shouting with glee, while simultaneously holding onto the boat white knuckled is exhausting.

Sunday rolled around after a great night’s sleep and clearly FirefighterDad owed me and he knew it. He got up with Diapers and I went for my run with my NEW GARMIN!! Ya’ll, my Garmin is the best thing ever! 2 things happened: 1) I run faster than I think 2) it was extremely motivating to see my pace and I maintained it for all 6 miles!!!

Sunday was spent in yoga pants, post run, watching White Collar and pretending to do laundry. Oh, and eating. I ate

Your turn!

Do you like boats?

How was your weekend?


Running … Its What I do

I don’t intend for Pant Suits & Diapers to become a running blog. However, running is a HUGE part of my life and a major part in how I create balance in my days. So I want to capture my training plans and what I’m doing, and maybe even how I’m able to train for races with my crazy and hectic life for prosperity’s sake.

Right now I’m training for a local half-marathon I ran last year. It’s in mid-November and it was the first race I really raced post baby and I secured a 30 minute PR. So this year, I’m looking to get another PR. I’m really itching for a sub 2:00 half, but with my life right now and where I am, my primary goal is a 2:10 half-marathon. Here’s what my training has looked like so far:

Half-Marathon Training Week #1

Monday:  3 easy miles

Tuesday: wu, 2 x 800 @ 4:32, 4:54, cd

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 4 easy miles

Friday: 4 tempo miles @ 10:22

Saturday: 6 mile long run – I did 3 miles on treadmill because Diapers woke up from his nap. I planned to run another 3 after he was in bed, but when 9 pm rolled around the couch forced me to sit down. LRF = Long Run Fail.

Sunday: OFF

Total Mileage: 18 miles



Week #2

Monday: 3 easy miles

Tuesday: wu, 2 x 1 mile, cd

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 5 easy miles

Friday: 4 tempo miles @ 10:30

Saturday: 6 mile long run

Sunday: OFF

Total mileage: 21 miles

I don’t remember all my paces for this week – I’d have to look back in my log. I do know I hit them better than last week and got all the mileage in.



Week #3

Monday: 3 easy miles

Tuesday: 4 x 800 @ 8:54

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6 easy miles 1-5 @ 11:06, 6 @ 10:49

Friday: 5 tempo miles @ 10:33

Saturday: 8 mile long run @ 11:30 average pace

Sunday: OFF

Total Mileage: 26 miles

This week kicked my butt. I’m doing the Hanson’s training plan (modified to fit my schedule and my fear of injury), and this week I could feel it. Although I wasn’t physically tired, my legs were very tired. Also, I’m eating a ton so Runger (running hunger) is in full force. When this happens I feel hardcore wearing my HRG shirt!

And in case you are looking for a running blog, there are several out there that I love to follow. In my extremely limited blogging etiquette here are the links for the ones I follow, and I hope this is the right way to link to another blog (if not PLEASE let me know m’kay? Thanks!) : Hungry Runner Girl, Shut Up + Run, Life Is Hard but Never Serious, Glitter and Dust, Dixie Runs, Ok, So Here’s the Plan, Sweat Out the Small Stuffand Run, Selfie, Repeat. There are of course a lot more running blogs out there so look around!

Weekend Recap

I love when other bloggers do weekend recaps because I like getting a little peek into their lives, seeing some authenticity, some fun, and some real life.

So, although I’m new to this blogging thing, I recognize I am silent on the weekends partly by choice, partly because I’m busy, and partly because our office chair is broken and it gets on my EVERLASTING nerves trying to roll it with no FREAKING wheels! So yeah, I don’t use our home computer.

No rolling wheels = annoyed PantSuitsMom = FirefighterDad’s Domain.

Anyways, I digress.

Back to my point, here’s a peek into our weekend:

Friday: WINE! ohmygoshthankgoditsfriday.

Saturday Morning: Diapers decides its cool waking up at 6:15 am. As in, its-still-dark-out-o’clock.  I am annoyed. FirefighterDad was supposed to wake up with Diapers.  My annoyance quickly turns to bitterness mixed with a healthy dose of anger because I’m mature. I sip coffee while dealing with a threenager’s meltdown five minutes after getting him out of bed. What the freakity-freak?! I take a few healthy deep breaths, sip coffee, and threaten to put Diapers back to bed if he doesn’t stop crying. #winningatmotherhood. Diapers watches a movie. I sip more coffee. FirefighterDad wakes up and I snap that I’m going for a run.

Saturday Late Morning: I come home after a sweaty and cathartic 8 mile run. Success! Now enters happy-endorphin-infused-sweet-angelic-I-love-life mom. It’s amazing what a run does for my mood. Diapers helped me stretch and get water where he spilled some and said under his breath, “argh oh come on. Lord have mercy.” Yeah, complete and utter cuteness, and yes, he got that from me #winningatmotherhood.  I showered where I then proceeded to first handedly experience all of the fiery burning passion of hell – extreme? Maybe, but ya’ll, I have to tell you that when you long for a warm relaxing shower to wash away the salty sweat off your body, and instead you get warm water sprayed onto your lower back where you have 5 inches of chaffing – you’re world stops.

I’ll say it again – you damn world STOPS. Screeches to a complete F-ing halt.

You scream. You cry. And you curse.

You look up at the shower head making sure it is in fact water pouring out, and not liquid pain.

My shower then continued to be a dance of leaning into the water to rinse shampoo out of my hair while getting water in my ear, and needless to say – it was quick, not relaxing, and pain inducing. Not the shower I wanted. Damn you humidity!

Saturday Later Morning: FirefighterDad and I took Diapers to a bounce house play place. We had two hours of fun-filled family fun. I did the “chafe dance”, readjusting my shorts to ease the burning on my lower back and chilled out. Diapers napped for 3 hours (say what?! this is epic) while FirefighterDad and I discovered the show Weeds. Anyone watch this? Its crude, it’s funny, and it’s about weed. What more can you want from a show?

Saturday Early Evening: Diapers woke up from his nap and requested we go bowling, so we went bowling and I had a rum and coke – it was epic.

Sunday Morning: FirefighterDad was off to work and I slept until I heard Diapers at 6:49 am. FML. At least he greeted me with a “Good Morning Mommy” and my heart melted just a little. Then Diapers explained to me “Its dark outside. It’s nigh nights time.” No child, it is in fact not nigh nights time, because you woke up. Oh well. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee and Diapers watched a movie.

Sunday Late Morning: Late morning was a blur of dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and sunscreen applying.

Sunday Afternoon: Pool time!

Sunday Evening: Grilled Cheese for dinner, PJ’s, snuggles and Diapers was fast asleep at 7:30 pm. Then I discovered White Collar on Netflix and I am now officially addicted.

Your turn: how was your weekend?

I am FREAKING out!

Let’s talk Common Core. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Are you spending unreasonable amounts of time doing homework with your child like this mother? Are you indifferent? Do you see a benefit? Or are you in the same boat that I am in, and your child is yet in school, but you’re preparing (read: freaking the freak out)?

I am freaking out over Common Core because I have heard lots of opinions on it, and unanimously they are not great opinions. I have heard this from mothers, fathers, students, and teachers. So, naturally I am concerned. I’m concerned for Diapers’ wellbeing – mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. But I’m also concerned about our family’s wellbeing. I don’t want “afterschool and after work time” being a dreaded two hours of mulling through homework based on what “experts” (is anyone else annoyed that the site just continually says experts and doesn’t give us any specifics?? Give me some names for crying out loud! Give me some credentials!! I digress…) claim children need to know to be successful in college and career.

Yeah, that’s what they claim – they (you know the thems and the theys because god forbid we get real names and real qualifications) believe that the material being taught in K-12 and how it’s being taught will prepare the next generation for college. Really?! That’s why we have Common Core (or at least 44 states do)? I am calling bullshit and this is why –

I didn’t have Common Core standards and I successfully graduated college with a degree in Chemistry.

There take that Common Core! In your face!

Seriously though, college is selective. And I believe it should be, because you know what, college isn’t for everybody. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t capable of attending college and succeeding, but maybe they just don’t want to. Maybe they are content, and you know what – good for them! I’m okay with people who choose not to go to college. And that’s why we have the ACT, and the SAT – a metric (yes a standardized test of 4 main subjects covered in K-12) to allow selective entrance into college with those displaying the best mastery of grade school concepts. And the students who choose to study for this standardized test can do so by choice! They aren’t forced to adhere to a norm that I still can’t get clear on who the contributors were.

But why, oh why, are we setting K-12 standards on what some people believe are essential for success?! For decades now, our school system managed without Common Core. And decades before that our school system thrived without any standardize testing at all!! That’s right; teachers were actually held accountable to teach their students. Students’ successes were dependent upon the teacher doing their job but ALSO dependent upon the student doing their work. Damn, now why didn’t I think of that? A student’s success was measured by their grades alone. Now there’s a concept!  Maybe our school boards need to revisit what our school system looked like 50 years ago, and why it’s a complete and utter disaster now, and not be so concerned about funding these schools based upon standardized test scores.

I understand there needs to be some metric for what success looks like in school. And their needs to be metrics for what a successful teacher looks like as well – I’m all for this. But, you know what ya’ll? I do this little thing called an Individual Personal Performance Evaluation 3 times a year. Yep, I sit down with my manger, discuss goals for the year, sit down again half way through the year and discuss my progress so far through the year. Then I sit down one final time at the end of the year and discuss my overall performance and my goals. If I didn’t perform up to expectations, or the standards set by me and my manager (who by the way also does his own IPPE with is manager) at the beginning of the year, then I don’t get a good review. Now let’s apply this to school –

Students start school and get an idea of the topics, or standards, they will learn about – they are being held accountable to learn these topics, while teachers sit down with their managers and are held accountable to teach these topics.  Then half way through the year students take a mid-term and teachers get reviewed based upon lesson plans, and covering appropriate grade-level material. Then at the end of the year, students take a final exam, and teachers are evaluated once again on lesson plans covered through the year.  Then grades are given out based upon the student’s mastery of the topics, and teachers are assessed.

Holy Shit!

It’s like students are getting evaluated just like in careers!!

I am flabbergasted!

Sarcasm aside, if Common Core’s intent was to prepare students for a career then why are mid-terms, final exams, and grades not sufficient? My work performance is not based off of anyone else’s performance! It’s based off of mine alone. So I don’t want Diapers going through school thinking that all of life and career is based upon how well he did compared to the kid next to him, because it’s not. Life doesn’t work that way – you put work in, you get rewards. Like raises, bonuses, good grades, and maybe a special dinner for acing a test and being prepared.

So now that I know Diapers will be exposed to this moronic system of creating child-mind-robots (okay maaaybe that’s a little harsh), I am freaking out. Is he learning enough now at his age? Should I really consider formal preschool rather than the at-home based approach his nanny and I have discussed and I support? Does he need to be able to add 1 + 1? Does he need to count by 5’s or 10’s for Kindergarten? Will the social, political, and downright confusing language of Common Core math questions, trip up my kid and result in wrong answer?

And my biggest question is how do I support my child when the very wording and method in which Common Core is forcing teachers to teach simple concepts, physically makes my heart rate increase and blood pressure rise? How do I fight this battle, while still ensuring my child is prepared for success? How do I get behind a voluntary initiative, which most states have adopted since it guarantees funding for their schools, that is downright insane?

It’s an uphill battle for sure, and one I am prepared to fight.

What are your thoughts on Common Core?

What have your experiences been with Common Core methods?

Thursday Blunders



  1. My dogs got PB&J sandwiches because we were that low on dog food. I don’t think they minded.
  1. A tropical depression is in the Atlantic – I was secretly hoping it would hit my town so I could have a couple days off from work. I didn’t want anything serious, just lots of rain.
  1. Diapers woke up at 3 am saying he was wet. He peed through his diaper so I changed his PJ’s,  placed a blanket over his wet sheet, tucked him back into bed, and crawled back into bed myself.

Your turn! What are your blunders for this week!

Bed Time Regret

I know all too well what Michelle Horton is talking about when it comes to the bed-time regret because my own version is similar. The day has been long and busy. Some days more stressful than others, and some days my mind more preoccupied than others. Every day ends the same way, my son in bed peacefully sleeping with his sweet innocent relaxed slumbering face and my heart melts. He has me captivated. I could watch him sleep all night and get lost in the subtle baby softness that still lingers on his face even at 3. And then a surge of regret hits me right in the middle of a peaceful moment and its then that I allow myself to wish the events leading up to bedtime unfolded in a different way.

I wish my tired exhausted self didn’t snap at my son to sit on the potty for the 15th time. I wish I was more patient when he was trying to tickle me and get one last play session squeezed into the day. I wish I kept my cool while he was brushing his teeth rejoicing in the fact he was learning a new skill. I wish I could keep a calm exterior as I asked him yet again to put his toys away. I wish I hadn’t raised my voice when asking him to put his dirty clothes in the basket.

I wish for a lot of things when this regret hits, and when the house is quiet and my sweet curly haired boy is fast asleep I don’t want to wish for a do-over or regret what led up to such a sweet event. I don’t want to dwell on a day gone and all the missed opportunities of being present. I want to sit in the calm darkness of his room, rocking backing and forth, with the lingering sweetness of his lavender lotion still hanging in the air. I want to sit and absorb, and savor. I want to sit and feel my heart filling up with such sweetness that words can’t capture its magnitude. I want to sit still and enjoy the presence of my son as the sun sets and the anticipation of another day awaits.

So tonight my own version of the post-bedtime regret changes and it starts with me saying yes to one last tickle fight, finding the joy in my son brushing his own teeth and mastering a new skill. It starts with me being patient, being present and recognizing these times are fleeting. It starts with me smiling, reassuring, hugging, and being calm. It starts with me gently reminding and understanding that he is curious, excited, and the world is full of wonder for him. It will start with me sitting in our rocking chair where I once held a 5 pound baby, and taking in the present moment.

And the evening will wind down as it does every night, but tonight, I snuggle my toddler smelling the damp sweetness of his freshly washed hair and absorbing the warmth and weight of his body in my lap. I kiss his plump baby cheek relishing the softness and smoothness. I wrap his favorite blanket around him comforted by the familiar knitting. I close my eyes absorbing the sweet lullaby music, the deep steady rhythmic breathing of my son against my chest comforted by his slow heartbeat, and I inhale deeply capturing the sweetness of his baby soap just a hint on his warm skin, and I am content, happy, and renewed; for today was a great day and tomorrow is another full of possibilities without regrets.

Don’t Take Away Our Hope

I recently read an article (I can’t find the link to this article anymore – and I know this is probably really bad blogging etiquette so I’m apologizing now) criticizing a young lady who shared her thoughts on women today having it all. And for once, I disagreed and was upset because the reality was this young lady recently graduated college with a four month old. She was breastfeeding, studying, and handling pregnancy all while going to college. And her message was simple – women can have it all.

Now I understand the author’s point a little – this young lady is naive and just because she graduated college with an infant (which lets be real – had to have been tough) doesn’t mean she knows what the real working world is like. She’s young and impressionable. And you know what, maybe she is. Maybe she still has some youthful innocence – and honestly I hope she does, because I’ll say it again – Life Is Hard. It will chew you up and spit you out. But what really upset me is that this author’s rebuttal took away this young lady’s youthful naivety. She took away her hope. And while I’m on this particular point, I’d say the author took away the hope of all young women who one day want to go to college, start a career, and have a family.

Now I believe in a good dose of reality and honesty. But before we destroy a young lady saying “you don’t have a clue just because you graduated college with an infant” let’s put into context what she did achieve: perhaps her pregnancy was a surprise – she overcame, accepted her new role and embraced it. And if the pregnancy was planned, and a welcomed responsibility, then this young lady is a mutli-tasking queen and knew what she could handle.  She valued herself and her education and recognized this was one thing she could do to be able to provide for her child. She was pregnant during, what I would consider, the most social time of a young person’s life. No parties, no late nights just hanging out. What this young lady had was a good head on her shoulders, a clear idea of what she wanted for herself and her child, and she had her priorities in order.

So I applaud her! What she did was NOT easy. And the fact she navigated college with a young child and clearly had her priorities in order, only further proves my point, that even if real life spits her out a few times, she is intelligent, motivated, and knows her priorities – and that is the single most important part of having it all.

I have no doubt that this young lady will enter the work force and navigate the sometimes bumpy road of a working mother. And she will be yet another positive example of a woman having it all and showing other women that you don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to limit yourself, and although it isn’t always easy, it is possible and dare I say enjoyable.

So you want Work-Life Balance…

PantSuitsMom’s 5 “Rules” to Achieving a Work-Life Balance

I figured sine I have this blog now and I claim to have it all figured out (cough, cough), I should probably offer you some practical advice. Or at the very least, some advice I have used so far in my career to achieve the balance I have today.

  1. Set Your Priorities

You, and only you, can set your priorities the way you want them. There is no right or wrong here, but it does lay the foundation for achieving a work-life balance.  For me my priorities look something like this:

God – my faith is important to me, but since this can be a touchy subject I‘ll leave this priority here and let its rank of #1 speak for itself.

Self – Yes, I put myself before my family. No, I promise I am not selfish; I am realistic. If I don’t take care of myself, how can I be the best mother and the best wife possible?

Child/Husband/Marriage – FirefighterDad and Diapers will always come before my job – always

Family/Friends – if they are in need, I am here to help. The most important thing in life is your relationships (thanks Dad for teaching this to me at a tinder age!) – remember this m’kay?

Work – finally the good ol’ career.

Are you shocked? Do you need a second do get off of the floor?

Okay, I’ll wait.

Okay, you good?

I know it’s probably surprising for you to see that my last priority is work. But it’s true. And you know what, I am okay with it. This is the way I want my priorities to be. So now you’re probably wondering why this “rule” is so important, or else you think I am a crazy lady who has her head up in the clouds – I’m alright with that.

  1. Your Boss (should) Only Cares About the End Result

Rule 2 is what makes Rule 1 work. If you have a good boss, he/she will only care about how your work directly influences the end result. Are you a valuable and contributing team member? Do you meet deadlines, finish projects, and get your job done? Then great, you have satisfied your boss. Do you see now how Rule 1 is possible?

  1. Be Honest and Positive

Honesty is the best policy. Cliché’ yes, but clichés are built on truth (haha, I just made that up, but it sounds pretty good huh?). Seriously, you must be honest with yourself and remain positive. Life is hard ya’ll. Some days won’t go according to plan, but stay calm, keep positive, and accept the reality you are currently facing. Be easy on yourself, give yourself grace, but be honest.

  1. Time Management

I have Rule 3 because it builds into Rule 4 – time management. Let’s do a little math. Oh stop, don’t roll your eyes, this will be fun!

Susie has 24 hours in her day. If she sleeps for 8 hours and works for 10 hours, how many hours does she have left when she gets home?

6 hours.

Susie has 6 hours left in her day that she needs to fit her work commute, child drop-offs/pick- ups, getting ready for work, getting child ready for the day, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and maybe even a glass of wine into. It goes quickly ya’ll. 6 hours seems like a lot, but it goes by fast.

So having good time management skills is essential to having a work-life balance. If you can’t get your job done in 8-10 hours a day, you need to re-access how you are spending your time. Sound harsh? Well, I am following my own advice and using Rule 3 – I’m being honest.

So I know this topic can get heated – some of you may disagree completely and think I am off my rocker and that’s okay. But the reality is we all have a 24 hour day – if you need to adapt and adjust your schedule so it works best for you, then do it. Referring back to Rule 2, your Boss cares about the end result, not how you got to the end result.

  1. Have the Conversation

If Rule 4 just isn’t working and you know you need to make some changes, then have a conversation with your manager. For example, I am a morning person. I prefer to get to the office at 7:30-7:45 when it’s quite and I can get shit done. But this also means I’m not staying until 6 pm like some of my coworkers who crawl into work at 9 am.  Diapers gets dropped off at 5 pm, so I spoke to my manager, explained to him that I can yield high impact results for the company by coming to work earlier and this accommodates my childcare needs. He agreed and he sees the results; another words, my work speaks for itself. Don’t be afraid to change up your schedule if it isn’t working for you. Feel empowered to take back control and find a routine that makes you happy and works.

Now some questions for you:

What works for you when it comes to work-life balance?

Have you ever had to tweak a routine?

The Second Post Might Be Harder than the First

I think writing my second blog post is harder than the first because the first one set the tone for my writing style and my blog, and although I am funny, and sarcastic, and I do even curse in real life (gasp), I still want my writing to have value, and to have others benefit from it. So when I read blogs, I want to get to know the person behind the screen – the author. Who is this person, what’s her story, what does she do, and I really want to see some failures. I want to see authenticity, honesty, and screw-ups. You heard me – I want to see other blogger’s failures, because it humanizes them. Blogs can give the perception that the person behind the words is perfect. And let me just say, my shit stinks just like everyone else’s.

So like any good blogger I am going to start a new weekly update: Thursday Blunders!


The concept is simple, I am going to share some of my failures with you so you can see I am human, I make mistakes, some things work, and some things don’t, and at the end of the day we are all just trying to make it to Friday – can I get an amen?

  1. I woke up at 5:30 – 30 minutes late and I had a 5 mile run scheduled. Crap.
  1. I didn’t wash my hair after my run.
  1. During my run I almost pooped myself. Running is a natural laxative ya’ll.
  1. Diapers went to the nanny’s with his pajama shirt on. Sometimes you just have to pick and choose your battles with toddlers.
  1. I didn’t feed the dogs – oops. I’m sure FirefighterDad will feed them – I hope.

I don’t want a blog…

I don’t want a blog.

I’m busy, I’m tired, I’m busy, I’m an introvert, I don’t care too much for technology, I’m busy, the internet kinda weirds  me out, I’m busy – well you get the idea. But here I am with a blog attempting to write my first post. And ya’ll, the words that are so easily there, just are not coming.

I owe a great deal to my friend and co-worker who finds joy in my writing, my whining, and quite frankly, my bitching. So alas, with her marketing guru-ness (is that an actual word?)  technical skills, and gentle, yet constant nudging, Pant Suits & Diapers was created. An hour ago. And now the pressure is on for me to form actual words into a coherent thought that is worth your time to read. It’s too much pressure – and ya’ll I’m busy. But I’m the writer behind this screen and my friend, let’s call her OJ, is the technical genius, so the writing falls to me.

So here it goes: I’m PantSuitsMom, working a 9-5 job and I have a working husband, FirefighterDad and we have a 3 year old son, Diapers. I work in middle management for a large specialty chemicals company and I navigate a crazy, hectic, and balanced life. And ya’ll, I have a great life. I am passionate about women in leadership roles, women working, and women having families. I am passionate about women “having it all”. But I am also just like you, a mom who struggles, a mom who so desperately wants just 5 minutes of peace, an employee that yearns for a 4-day work week, an employee that is pulled in several directions, a wife that hates unloading the dishwasher, a wife who picks up dog poop, a wife who feeds myself and Diapers frozen chicken nuggets because I don’t want to cook yet another meal, and yet, throughout all the crazy that is my life I have peace and balance.

So this will be my space to hopefully use as a creative outlet for my writing, provide hope, support, encouragement, and humor to other women just like you. Please join me on this ride we all call life and remember to keep your seat back tray tables in their upright and locked positions, seat belts fastened, and feet and shoulders clear of the aisle – it’s gonna get crazy ya’ll!