Weekend Recap

I love when other bloggers do weekend recaps because I like getting a little peek into their lives, seeing some authenticity, some fun, and some real life.

So, although I’m new to this blogging thing, I recognize I am silent on the weekends partly by choice, partly because I’m busy, and partly because our office chair is broken and it gets on my EVERLASTING nerves trying to roll it with no FREAKING wheels! So yeah, I don’t use our home computer.

No rolling wheels = annoyed PantSuitsMom = FirefighterDad’s Domain.

Anyways, I digress.

Back to my point, here’s a peek into our weekend:

Friday: WINE! ohmygoshthankgoditsfriday.

Saturday Morning: Diapers decides its cool waking up at 6:15 am. As in, its-still-dark-out-o’clock.  I am annoyed. FirefighterDad was supposed to wake up with Diapers.  My annoyance quickly turns to bitterness mixed with a healthy dose of anger because I’m mature. I sip coffee while dealing with a threenager’s meltdown five minutes after getting him out of bed. What the freakity-freak?! I take a few healthy deep breaths, sip coffee, and threaten to put Diapers back to bed if he doesn’t stop crying. #winningatmotherhood. Diapers watches a movie. I sip more coffee. FirefighterDad wakes up and I snap that I’m going for a run.

Saturday Late Morning: I come home after a sweaty and cathartic 8 mile run. Success! Now enters happy-endorphin-infused-sweet-angelic-I-love-life mom. It’s amazing what a run does for my mood. Diapers helped me stretch and get water where he spilled some and said under his breath, “argh oh come on. Lord have mercy.” Yeah, complete and utter cuteness, and yes, he got that from me #winningatmotherhood.  I showered where I then proceeded to first handedly experience all of the fiery burning passion of hell – extreme? Maybe, but ya’ll, I have to tell you that when you long for a warm relaxing shower to wash away the salty sweat off your body, and instead you get warm water sprayed onto your lower back where you have 5 inches of chaffing – you’re world stops.

I’ll say it again – you damn world STOPS. Screeches to a complete F-ing halt.

You scream. You cry. And you curse.

You look up at the shower head making sure it is in fact water pouring out, and not liquid pain.

My shower then continued to be a dance of leaning into the water to rinse shampoo out of my hair while getting water in my ear, and needless to say – it was quick, not relaxing, and pain inducing. Not the shower I wanted. Damn you humidity!

Saturday Later Morning: FirefighterDad and I took Diapers to a bounce house play place. We had two hours of fun-filled family fun. I did the “chafe dance”, readjusting my shorts to ease the burning on my lower back and chilled out. Diapers napped for 3 hours (say what?! this is epic) while FirefighterDad and I discovered the show Weeds. Anyone watch this? Its crude, it’s funny, and it’s about weed. What more can you want from a show?

Saturday Early Evening: Diapers woke up from his nap and requested we go bowling, so we went bowling and I had a rum and coke – it was epic.

Sunday Morning: FirefighterDad was off to work and I slept until I heard Diapers at 6:49 am. FML. At least he greeted me with a “Good Morning Mommy” and my heart melted just a little. Then Diapers explained to me “Its dark outside. It’s nigh nights time.” No child, it is in fact not nigh nights time, because you woke up. Oh well. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee and Diapers watched a movie.

Sunday Late Morning: Late morning was a blur of dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and sunscreen applying.

Sunday Afternoon: Pool time!

Sunday Evening: Grilled Cheese for dinner, PJ’s, snuggles and Diapers was fast asleep at 7:30 pm. Then I discovered White Collar on Netflix and I am now officially addicted.

Your turn: how was your weekend?


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