Monday, Thursday Blunders, and Weekend Recap

I kinda sorta had a small case of The Monday’s today so I am glad to see that it is almost quittin’ time because that means its almost Wine Time! Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

Anyways, I never got around to posting a Thursday Blunders for last week so this is my blunder – I forgot to post a Thursday Blunders post! I know. I know. This is lazy and a cop out, but to be honest life is just busy right now. Like crazy busy. So just pour a glass of wine… go ahead, I’ll wait…..great. Now, take a sip. Savor, enjoy, and relax. I promise I will get back on my blogging game in the very near future 😉

Okay now for the weekend recap…

Friday was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!! That’s right! I turned 28 on the 28th!! I had a great birthday, and here’s a quick run down:

First I did nothing all day at work except go to lunch and eat homemade cupcakes. For real.

Then I got home and got presents! FirefighterDad surprised me with a Garmin 610!!! A GARMIN 610 ya’ll!!! And a green iPod Shuffle! A GREEN iPOD SHUFFLE!!! The best gifts EVER. Then my family all pitched in to get my treadmill belt replaced! SO freakin’ excited!

Friday was then a blur of lemon drops, and root beer beer. Yes, root beer flavored beer. Get some. Now. You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday I was up with Diapers and was completely lazy. I had a long run to get done and my Garmin 610 practically calling my name, but I was pretty tired and FirefighterDad had errands and meetings at the firehouse. So Diapers and I watched movies and lounged. FirefighterDad returned home with his newly purchased boat (yes, a boat. And this might just deserve it’s own post so stay tuned).

Since Tropical Storm Erika decided to unleash her rage with anticipated rainfall we took the boat out. Diapers loved it, FirefighterDad loved, I hated it. End.Of.Story.

When we were finally safe back on solid ground, I crashed hard ya’ll. Hanging onto a 3 year old shouting with glee, while simultaneously holding onto the boat white knuckled is exhausting.

Sunday rolled around after a great night’s sleep and clearly FirefighterDad owed me and he knew it. He got up with Diapers and I went for my run with my NEW GARMIN!! Ya’ll, my Garmin is the best thing ever! 2 things happened: 1) I run faster than I think 2) it was extremely motivating to see my pace and I maintained it for all 6 miles!!!

Sunday was spent in yoga pants, post run, watching White Collar and pretending to do laundry. Oh, and eating. I ate

Your turn!

Do you like boats?

How was your weekend?


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