Half-Marathon Training Week #4

Last week was a cut back in my training. Every 3 weeks are build up weeks – intensity, pace and mileage. After these build up weeks, I have a cut back week. These weeks will be reduced mileage, easier easy runs, and maintaining speed work and tempo runs.

I took this week easy, really trying to focus on giving my body time to adapt to the previous 3 weeks. I’m already experiencing typical training side effects – increased hunger, and increased fatigue, so most nights I’m in bed by 9 pm; some nights its been earlier. Sleep is so critical for our bodies to heal, adapt, and recover! Plus, I’m all about my sleep!

Here’s how my first cut back looked:

Monday: 2 easy miles @ 12:00 – I took it really easy today because I was on the treadmill at work running during my lunch break and I was over the treadmill. I was really missing my morning runs. Seeing Tuesday, I think taking this run SUPER easy was a great idea.

Tuesday: 3 x 1 mile repeats @ 9:13, 9:05, 8:57 – I need to bump up my speed next week. Speed is SO mental for me. I don’t think I’m this fast, so I hold back. This run gave me a huge mental boost! These miles felt relatively easy for speed work, but I was also just having one of those runs where it felt effortless and my legs responded. Over all it was a FANTASTIC run where my legs actually craved going faster. I like to think Monday’s shake out miles helped.

Wednesday: OFF – foam rolled like a mad women. I do this before and after every run, but I also try to it on days off.

Thursday: 4 easy miles. No idea on my pace. I finally got back outside in the morning to run! I had my watch but I honestly don’t remember my time. I’m guessing 45-47 minutes.

Friday: 4 tempo miles @ 9:50-10:00 pace – I felt really good and got into a comfortably hard pace and worked hard to maintain it. Another outside run in the morning! Yay!

Saturday: I was suppose to do my long run this day but – Unplanned day off – boat

Sunday: 6 miles @ 10:04 average– First run with my new Garmin! This run was epic. Seeing my pace was SO motivating. This run was probably more at my tempo pace but I felt great, weather was overcast with slight drizzles, and I was just in my groove, so with it being a cutback week I went with it. 😀

Total Mileage: 20

All in all, this week was solid. Fewer miles, easier easy runs, and running with my new Garmin! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I am.Addicted. #GarminforLife.


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