Half-Marathon Training Week #7

Week #7

Monday: 4 easy miles.  I ran 3.84 miles outside during lunch. I had intended for this to be an easy run, and overall it was – maybe a moderate run – but the weather was damn near perfect, and I really felt great. I did have a creepy car honk at me, then pull of the side of the road and wait for me. yeah – cuhreepy MFer. Needless to say my last mile was a little fast. Splits: 9:52, 9:51, 8:31, not sure about the last .84 miles – probably in the 8:30 ball park.

Tuesday: 8 x 800 @ 4:00. I’ve never really been dedicated to speed work before in training. I was always scared/intimated by it. This time around I have committed to alternating between Yasso 800s and mile repeats and I am seeing improvement! This morning I woke up feeling FANTATIC! Like seriously, I felt SO good. I don’t know if it’s my cleaner diet (I’m craving veggies like crazy), my easier-than-expected-week last week, the snack I had a 9pm, or the 100 plus ounces of water I had yesterday, but I felt great. My warm up was around 10:30. It was also 57 degrees – Hello Fall!! The workout was tough, but in a good way. And I also think I need to eat more than 3 bites of bananas, because although my legs were tired, I felt pretty drained overall – I needed some fuel. Splits: 3:53 (whoa!), 3:57, 4:02, 3:58, 4:00, 4:03, 4:02, 4:01.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6 easy miles. Travel for work so I ran 5.3 on treadmill in hotel. I don’t know what it is about treadmill running but it feels much harder than running outside. I don’t know if it’s because my gait and/or form is off, but I kept this run easy but that meant my pace was 11:19.

Friday: 6 miles tempo. Travel for work so I hit up the treadmill again. This was the first morning in my training where the excitement of getting up early and running has faded. Hell, it didn’t just fade, it extinguished. In the span of 24 hours, it was gone. Anyways, I knew I would wake up and feel better after a run, even if I didn’t hit my 10:00 mile tempo pace, I at least wanted to get the mileage in. I did a warm-up that just seemed SO hard! Once I cranked it up to a 10:00 pace, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t sleep well in the hotel, and my body was just exhausted. Since it was a cutback week I called it quits. I didn’t want to push too hard when my body was telling me to slow down. I half-assed some strength which even felt difficult with minimal reps (read: 15 reps) and minimal weights (read: 10 lbs) – I tossed in the towel.

Saturday: OFF. I landed at 11 pm on Friday night and FirefighterDad had to work so I knew my long run was going to be pushed back to Sunday and I enjoyed a much needed rest day.

Sunday: 10 mile long run. When FirefighterDad returned from work, Mother Nature and all her cruel and teasing power, decided that she wasn’t going to grace us with Fall like temps any more. No, instead I got 86 degrees and 90%+ humidity. WTF?! I was angry, but I went out and ran what I could. 3.5 miles later I called it quits. At this point in my training I know I can run 13.1 miles and I have a good feeling I’d PR. I’m not at the point where I will hit my sub-2 hour, but it would still be a good race. So knowing this and combined with work travel, higher temps, and my body telling me it’s tired, I was okay with being done. Next week I’ll move up to 12 miles and toss in a few good tempo miles for good measure.

Total Mileage: 18.8 (some serious “cut back”)


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