It’s October!!

Ya’ll I am so excited that it is October. Although I despise the cold, I do love Fall. The cool, crisp, humidity free air, mosquito free evenings, bonfires, Fall running, tea, hot chocolate, pumpkin, apple cider, soup, sweaters, scarves, fire place, Halloween candy…honestly my list is endless but can I get an Amen?! Basically, Fall has a lot to offer.

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Onto other news….since I have been absent from here for a while I thought an update was in order. Without further ado…

Hurricane Joaquin

I live along the east coast and happy to report that we are fine. Unfortunately that cannot be said for many other cities along the eastern seaboard. Joaquin did a number in the Bahamas and certainly effected the US coast. My thoughts and prayers are with families right now who may have lost a loved one, a home, or having to navigate the rocky path of rebuilding lives.

Firefighter Wife

Because of Joaquin, FirefighterDad was called into work to help with rescue efforts and the 100s of 911 calls that were received. This was the first time FirefighterDad was called into work earlier than his regularly scheduled shift days, and he worked through the whole weekend. I am incredibly proud of him and all of the rescue and military personnel that took great measures to reach people. FirefighterDad is home now, safe and dry.


Last week my running looked something like this

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I was feeling particularly weak and tired and needless to say my paces showed it too, which was of course, mental sabotage of the worst kind. After a very rough easy 4 miles (which was suppose to be 6) I decided I would take 3 days off and give my body a break. It was giving me signs and I didn’t want to suffer the consequences of over training and I even made the decision not to do my 12 mile long run. Due to Joaquin’s relentless vengeance, taking Friday-Sunday off worked out beautifully. I will say that those 3 days with absolutely no running, felt like weeks, but I am happy to report that yesterday’s easy 4 miles was awesome and my run today was even better – dare I say FANTASTIC!

Here’s what the past couple of weeks of running has looked like:

Week #8

Monday: 4 easy miles. Yup, Fall is officially gone. It was 76 degrees when I went to run. Outside of the warmer temps, this run was pretty uneventful although my easy pace is faster now, which is exciting to see – training is paying off!

Tuesday: 4 x 1 mile @ 9:00. Yeah so this didn’t happen. From the very first step of my warm-up I knew my body didn’t have the energy. Having suffered from over training before, I knew I wasn’t even going to attempt 4 repeats. I cut it short and did 2 mile repeats hitting 8:40, and 9:02 after a 1.5 mile warm up. I walked for a cool down and was done.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6 easy miles. I ran 6 miles at a 10:30/mile average, which means my easy pace is faster – which means – I’m getting stronger and faster overall! I love seeing improvement. =) It rained very lightly while I was running and it was SO nice!

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 5k race in 28:52 setting a new PR and placing 2nd in my AG!

Sunday: Long run. I wasn’t too sore from my race – just a sore/tight left hamstring, but my legs were tired. I knew going into this run I wanted to get to a comfortable pace and just maintain it. I wanted this long run to simulate running on tired legs and it served its purpose! I did 9.35 miles @ a 10:42 average mile pace.

Week #9

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 10 x 800. 1 mile warm up, 2 x 800, 1 mile cool down – body physically tired and lacking energy. It was a struggle to complete just 2 repeats. I called it quits.

Thursday: 6 miles easy. Ended up being 4 very slow and miserable miles because I felt so tired and weak – not good.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Here’s hoping that this week’s running continues being enjoyable! One thing I do know, is that running in 60 degrees is AHMAZING!

That’s all I have for this update folks.

How was your weekend? Were you impacted by Hurricane Joaquin?


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