Indifferent and Holidays

It’s Monday and that means the countdown to the weekend has officially started. Hahaha, kidding…kinda. What has really started is the countdown to WINE!

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was enjoyable with equal parts laziness (read: I didn’t do laundry and I crapped out on doing a long run) and equal parts productive (read: I got 2 4 mile runs in this weekend) with decent weather. Speaking of running, there hasn’t been an update in a couple of weeks because, well there’s no easy way to say this except that I have fell of the training bandwagon. I know, I’m disappointed too.

I honestly don’t know what it is. The thought of waking up early and running was just not there. There were a couple mornings last week where it was 45 degrees outside and like any sane person, I chose to stay in bed. Where it’s warm.  And cozy.  Because I started this blog as a small way to document my life here’s a rough, and pathetic look at my training

Monday 10/12 – Didn’t run

Tuesday 10/13 – 6 mile run

Wednesday 10/14 – Scheduled rest day and I took it

Thursday 10/15 – 6 mile run

Friday 10/16 – Didn’t run

Saturday 10/17 – 12 mile long run in 2:05 (10:29 average mile pace)

Sunday 10/18 – Scheduled rest day

Monday 10/19 – Didn’t run

Tuesday 10/20 – Didn’t run

Wednesday 10/21 – Scheduled rest day

Thursday 10/22 – Didn’t run

Friday 10/23 – Didn’t run

Saturday 10/24 – 4 mile run

Sunday 10/26 – 4 mile jogging stroller run

As you can see I embraced last week and I knew no matter how many times I went to bed with my running clothes on (yes, I sleep in my running clothes. 4:30 am is early folks! Don’t judge, you know this is a brilliant idea!) I just wasn’t going to get myself out there so I gave myself a week off.  This weekend was nice. 4 miles goes by quickly but still feels like a really good workout and gets me sweating. I know if I want to see a PR for the half in 3 weeks I need to really focus and get through this home stretch. I have completely stopped following my initial training plan, so my goal until race day is roughly…

Mondays – 4 miles

Tuesdays – 6 miles with 3 @ race pace

Wednesdays – OFF

Thursday – 6 miles tempo

Friday – 6 miles easy

Saturday – 12 x2

The week of the race I’ll probably do 3 easy 6 mile runs during the week and take Thursday and Friday off completely.  I also have chiropractic and massage appointments schedule once per week for the next 3 weeks and I hope this helps with some of the tightness and “eh” felling in my hips, hip flexors, and upper quads.

Usually at this point I am so excited for my race that I can’t see straight.  And for some reason, I’m feeling indifferent. And I don’t know why. I love the half marathon distance, I like the race course and it’s a local small race which is easy logistically, FirefighterDad has the day off so he can actually see me run and cheer me on, which I know he’s thrilled about (read with sarcasm of course), but I’m still felling apathetic. And it kinda sucks, and I don’t why. Am I bored? Am I just over training (Yes! 15 weeks is a lot and in hindsight I didn’t need this much time. At least now I know my body adapts well to running 3 days in a row), am I just ready to have more flexibility with my running? I really don’t know. Anyone have any thoughts?! I’m hoping as I get back into my groove this week with running that my excitement for race day will show up.

Enough about my running. Let’s talk HOLIDAYS! I am SO ready for the holidays.

Holidays = No Work!

Featured image

Work has been crazy since April. Which seems eons away. The last 6-8 weeks of the year is always crazy with wrapping up projects, squeezing in the last bit of travel, and completing performance evals. It makes those weeks run together and go at warp speed. So yeah, I’m all for the holidays. So by the time Christmas rolls around, all I have planned is this…

Featured image

Well that’s it folks. It’s Monday. Thanksgiving is in 31 days and Christmas is in 60 days. You’re Welcome.

  1. Anyone training for a race and start to feel apathetic about race day or am I the only crazy one?
  2. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?!

2 thoughts on “Indifferent and Holidays

  1. We’ve all been there. I usually start feeling this way when it starts getting cold outside Try to remember how much better you’ll feel if you train well the next couple of weeks.


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