Thanksgiving + MIA + Race Recap + #RWStreak

Woah! I know it’s been a while and after some nice check ins from a couple of my readers I thought I should get back on here. So I’ll start with Thanksgiving and work my way back to my race.

We had a wonderful low key Thanksgiving that started with our meal at 1 pm followed by movies and naps and another meal at 6 pm at our friends’ place. It was a great day with great food and great people. I hope you all enjoyed the day!

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit and life has just been busy. There’s stuff going on at work that I can’t really talk about now, but overall it’s good it just comes with growing pains as I call it. By next year, I’m sure things will settle down and smooth out. Until then I’m just sittin’ down and doin’ my job. FireFighterDad is well too as is Diapers. Speaking of Diapers, he’ll actually be starting preschool on Monday! I’m very excited for him and he’s at the perfect age where he’s social, fun, and loves playing with his friends. I’m excited to see all he does and learns.

I did in fact run the half marathon a couple weeks ago. I wanted to write an official race recap but instead I’ll paraphrase it here. First the weather was AHMAZING! It was 45 degrees at the start and although I was cold in shorts and a long sleeved base layer, I knew I would warm up quickly. Not to mention, last year it was 27 degrees and uncharacteristically cold for where I live. I was miserable. Another side note –  shorts are my running attire preference and I am SO glad I stuck with what I like even if it was 45. We arrived at the start about 10 minutes before race time so I quickly got in line for the port-a-potties and that’s when I realized….I forgot my bib! Never in all of my 17 years of racing have I done this!! At first I kinda freaked. Then rational thought entered my mind and I was actually, surprisingly okay with this. I knew I wanted to enjoy this race and getting a PR just wasn’t in the cards. So without a bib it really took a lot of (sub conscience) pressure off of me to beat my time from last year. 5 minutes before race time and I knew I wouldn’t have time to pee so I planned to stop at mile 4 at the port-potties. Again, something else I have NEVER done during a race. The race started on time and we were off. The first 4 miles felt amazing! I was going at a very conservative pace and just enjoying the engery. This is when it became clear to me that the Taper Madness is in fact a real thing. Every thing hurt leading up to the race and my legs felt tight and stiff. On race day – I felt like a million bucks. A good majority of this race is ran on a paved running trail that gets a little old but I quickly made a potty stop and resumed on the trail. I was alternating water and Gatorade at every aid station Every two miles, and took my first GU at mile 5. Mile 6 my lower back started getting tight but overall I was feeling good. A bit tired but happy with my pace and holding out for The Hill at mile 9. I was feeling immensely better at this point compared to last year. The group of ladies I was running with stopped at mile 7.5 for the port-apotties again and I continued on. I got to a really good pace hitting 9:45 pace between miles 7.5 to 9. I’m not sure if it was the GU kicking in or the thought of being done with the trail but I was feeling good. Mile 9 came and I really engaged my glutes (I only know this because they were very sore after the race!) and got up the hill!! I was kinda beat at the top and took a quick walk break and then got back into it. At mile 10 I took my second GU (mandarin orange which was disgusting!!) and at this point my lower back was really bothering me. It was so tight I just had to stop a couple times to stretch it out. Miles 10-12 was alternating 7-8 mins of running with 1-2 minutes of walking. I was feeling pretty tired and my back was killing me. One great thing about this race (which has surprised me the past two years), is that the finish line literally sneaks up on you. After mile 10 you make a left hand turn then a quick right hand turn and there’s an aid station and just past it is mile 11. From there it’s another series of turns through the neighborhood and mile 12 quickly appears. From there it’s one finally right hand turn and a straight shot to the finish line. The finish line, well actually all of mile 13 just about, is an uphill. It’s not as bad as mile 9, but it’s definitely a challenge. I always get an adrenaline rush when I see a finish line and this race was no exception. I turned the corner and started picking up my pace. When I saw mile 13 I picked it up more and did the best I could to stride into the finish. During this time I passed about 8-10 people. It’s a serious hill and I’m grateful for the adrenaline! I finished in 2:37:16. Not a PR but a pretty damn good race! Crazy story – 3 nights before my race I dreamed that I finished in 2:37:xx and was thrilled with the time. I wasn’t trying to hit this time at all during the race, but sure enough I did! Crazy right?!

#RWStreak started Thanksgivig day! It runs to New Year’s Day and only requires at least running 1 mile every day. I got my 1.1 miles in the past two days 😉 this is my next big running “event” to get me through the holidays and current craziness. Anyone else doing this?!

This is post is insanely long but thanks for sticking with me and happy weekend!


A Decision has Been Made…

After careful consideration, deliberation, and execution of a Pro/Con list, a decision has been made.

I will be running the race next weekend.

13.1 miles here I come!

I have adjusted my race plan a bit to account for my current mental state and physical training based off of the last few weeks of training that have felt mediocre. I am no longer expecting nor plan to secure a PR. However, what I will have is an amazing race with a conservative start and a lot fun!

I know you have all been dying to know what I was going to do, so here you have it….a decision has been made.

That’s all folks! Have a great Thursday night!

Thoughts in My Mind – Monday Edition

Are blog giveaways a thing? I’m not trying to make money or anything with this here blog, so what’s the deal with giveaways?! I might be some what attempted to try this. Maybe. One day. When I can get my act together.

I’ve lost my running mojo. Seriously ya’ll it’s bad. It’s so lost that it’s probably on its way to Timbuktu. I’m feeling so apathetic about running that I’m not even registered for my race next weekend. And I don’t know if I’m even gonna run it. It’s sad really. Races give me so much drive, determination, excitement and anticipation. Right now I’m just eh about the whole thing and I’ve never felt this way. Plus, now I have to make a decision to race or not race. In 5 days before registration closes. It’s too much pressure.

3.5 must just be the absolute pits. Or maybe it’s the time change. I dunno but here’s hoping to a good nights sleep and a happy child in the morning.

4 more days until the weekend.