Thoughts in My Mind – Monday Edition

Are blog giveaways a thing? I’m not trying to make money or anything with this here blog, so what’s the deal with giveaways?! I might be some what attempted to try this. Maybe. One day. When I can get my act together.

I’ve lost my running mojo. Seriously ya’ll it’s bad. It’s so lost that it’s probably on its way to Timbuktu. I’m feeling so apathetic about running that I’m not even registered for my race next weekend. And I don’t know if I’m even gonna run it. It’s sad really. Races give me so much drive, determination, excitement and anticipation. Right now I’m just eh about the whole thing and I’ve never felt this way. Plus, now I have to make a decision to race or not race. In 5 days before registration closes. It’s too much pressure.

3.5 must just be the absolute pits. Or maybe it’s the time change. I dunno but here’s hoping to a good nights sleep and a happy child in the morning.

4 more days until the weekend.


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