Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you! I hope you had a fabulous day with friends, family, and fun!

Diapers has been getting spoiled by his grandparents and great grandmother and made out this year with several board games, new books, a bike, a bowling set, and various other gifts.

FirefighterDad spoiled me as well with a Dyson vacuum cleaner, running gloves, Bluetooth head phones, firefighter wife shirts and the whole set of Big Bang Theory on DVD! And of course he got me the best coffe mug ever – hand made which makes it even better!

I got FirefigherDad a boat cover, Bluetooth headphones (great minds think alike!), and a new money clip. His original money clip I got him in 2009 while we were dating and it was literally in tatters so it was time for a new one!

Its been wonderful visiting with my folks and my grandmother and they of course spoiled all three of us! I got new Pro Compression calf sleeves, beautiful scarves, a Starbucks gift card, wine glass charms, and FirefighterDad got all the tools he wanted so he can now have a set at his duty station and a set at the volunteer department he works at.

Besides all the gift giving, it’s been just wonderful having time with family and a couple weeks off from work. The weather has been terrible – high 70s to low 80s with almost 100% humidity. Even for the south, this weather is unusual. I did manage to get outside for a 3 mile run yesterday which was nice and hope I can squeeze in another a few runs.

On another completely unrelated note, I got picked for jury duty. Never have I been called for jury duty before, so this will be interesting.

That’s all I have for now! I’ll be back soon!



  1. Have you been called for jury duty!
  2. Have a great Christmas?
  3. Have a white Christmas or is your weather just as bizarre as mine?

Beauty in Contrast

It startles me. It catches me off guard, and stills me. Sometimes my breath catches, and my heart is stilled by the comfort while my mind catches up. It always happens when I least expect it among mundane daily life, but when the beauty of the juxtaposition is processed, I am calmed. I never expected this. I never dreamed of it. I never planned for this. I was never opposed to it. I never fought it. It just happened – naturally, organically.

Sometimes these moments happen hand in hand.

Other times they happen when I view a picture gaining an outsider’s perspective.

And sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. It’s my normal – surrounded by contrast. Beautifully intertwined in a sea of difference.
What’s ironic is I see this from the outside and always think – oh how surprising. How beautiful. Then I am snapped into reality and recognize, oh that’s me too. Its startling. Its startling in a beautiful and raw way. It’s beauty in difference; in opposites.

And some where in the spectrum of opposites is a middle; a composite. A beautiful masterpiece of a blend. And the beautiful part about a blend is that it doesn’t see each end of the spectrum for what it is, but rather it just sees beauty at both points.

Diapers is that blend. A magnificent combination of his parents. The mixture of black and white. But rather than seeing black or white, Diapers sees “mommy” and “daddy”. He sees equality in difference. He sees love in difference. He sees beauty at both points.




If we approached the world with such understanding, such acceptance and joy among differences, what a better place we would all live.

2 Words

Ya’ll I have two words for you…






How have I not gotten on this bandwagon sooner?!! To be honest I’m a bit disappointed in myself and disgusted at the thought of so many Walmart, Target, and Sam’s trips I have wasted my energy on when I could have simply clicked a button and had it delivered And I feel like I have done a huge disservice to my readership (hangs head in shame).





All I can say is yes to the heck. I am SO on board. And this is going to be revolutionary. Never again will I sit on the toilet with no toilet paper. Never again will I take a diaper out of my emergency car stash because we ran out of Pull Ups. Never again will I use dish soap to wash my hands because we are out of hand soap. And laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher soap, dog food, snacks – all of it at my.front.door.


And as if this couldn’t get any better it’s cheap!! $99 per YEAR! That’s right an entire 12 months for less than a hundred bucks. That works out to be $8.25 a month. AND the deal gets sweeter – FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING! That’s right! I can sit on the toilet, toilet paperless mind you, order toilet paper on my phone and be rest assured that it will arrive in TWO days. Free of charge. Now that’s what I call service.


And it doesn’t just end there! All the snacks ya’ll. All of them – seriously. With a 3 year old  I keep Preppridge Farm in business with the rate we consume Goldfish. Same applies to fruit snacks, pretzels, KIND bars, cereal bars, and trail mix. I’ll just add those in my cart too.


Oh and ya’ll all the wipes. I know I have a potty trained kiddo, but moist flushable wipes help him get the job done – if you catch my drift. So I’ll toss those in the cart too. And why the heck not, I’ll get some regular baby wipes because those suckers are so damn convienent. At a penny or two apiece I use those like they are going out of style. Diapers has a snotty nose – use a wipe. I have a mysterious sticky substance on my arm – use a wipe. Diapers as God-knows-what on his hands – clean them with a wipe! So while I’m at it, I’ll take a case of wipes too.

Seriously my list could go on, and that could be dangerous, but Amazon has figured it out for mothers everywhere. Easy, cheap, and they take all the hassle out of shopping. No lines, no carts, no cranky toddler asking for every freaking unhealthy snack on the shelf, and most importantly I’m gaining some of my sanity back.


Amazon, you’re where it’s at. So from this crazy-busy-working-mom, thanks for this service. You’ve got my business.



Fine print that’s in regular font size: Amazon didn’t tell me to write all these nice things. These are all my thoughts and opinions.


Now tell me who has Amzon Prime? So you love it? Any suggestions?


I was sitting on the couch two nights ago scrolling through Women’s Running. I read the article about Meb running Rock n Roll San Antonio and leading a pace group. Then after he finished he stayed on the course to give out hive fives.


Side Note: how cool would it be to get a high five from Meb??!!


Anyways, reading that article naturally lead me to reading tons of running articles linking from one to another as the inter webs does. Then all of a sudden I had a startling realization: I MET Meb!


Then I sat there in a cloudy, yet some how clear thought. Did I actually meet Meb or was it a dream? Then for the next couple of minutes a dream that I had a few nights before my half marathon was uncovered from my subconscience like a dusty box from an attic.


In my dream I didn’t actually meet Meb but he was at the same race expo I was at and was standing tall and lean with a calm relaxed confidence. Interestingly though, he was wearing jeans – something I thought was odd but regardless, my friend tried to convince me to go introduce myself but I didn’t. I mean after all I am a 2:22 half marathoner and my one and only marathon (so far) I did in 5:48. So there was that. And honestly in my dream, standing all of 5 feet away from Meb was enough.


He carried himself like an old friend – relaxed, smiling his Meb-tastic smile, and seriously oozing approachfulness (is this a word?). And that was really enough for me because in that moment, standing in the presence of Meb was more than enough. It was surreal, exciting, and comforting all at the same time.


Why I remembered this weeks later I don’t know, but I’m glad it’s been pulled out of my subconscience so I can say that I’ve met Meb, even if it was only in a dream.



Have you had any crazy dreams?

Have a dream you remembered weeks later?