I was sitting on the couch two nights ago scrolling through Women’s Running. I read the article about Meb running Rock n Roll San Antonio and leading a pace group. Then after he finished he stayed on the course to give out hive fives.


Side Note: how cool would it be to get a high five from Meb??!!


Anyways, reading that article naturally lead me to reading tons of running articles linking from one to another as the inter webs does. Then all of a sudden I had a startling realization: I MET Meb!


Then I sat there in a cloudy, yet some how clear thought. Did I actually meet Meb or was it a dream? Then for the next couple of minutes a dream that I had a few nights before my half marathon was uncovered from my subconscience like a dusty box from an attic.


In my dream I didn’t actually meet Meb but he was at the same race expo I was at and was standing tall and lean with a calm relaxed confidence. Interestingly though, he was wearing jeans – something I thought was odd but regardless, my friend tried to convince me to go introduce myself but I didn’t. I mean after all I am a 2:22 half marathoner and my one and only marathon (so far) I did in 5:48. So there was that. And honestly in my dream, standing all of 5 feet away from Meb was enough.


He carried himself like an old friend – relaxed, smiling his Meb-tastic smile, and seriously oozing approachfulness (is this a word?). And that was really enough for me because in that moment, standing in the presence of Meb was more than enough. It was surreal, exciting, and comforting all at the same time.


Why I remembered this weeks later I don’t know, but I’m glad it’s been pulled out of my subconscience so I can say that I’ve met Meb, even if it was only in a dream.



Have you had any crazy dreams?

Have a dream you remembered weeks later?


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