2 Words

Ya’ll I have two words for you…






How have I not gotten on this bandwagon sooner?!! To be honest I’m a bit disappointed in myself and disgusted at the thought of so many Walmart, Target, and Sam’s trips I have wasted my energy on when I could have simply clicked a button and had it delivered to.my.front.door. And I feel like I have done a huge disservice to my readership (hangs head in shame).





All I can say is yes to the heck. I am SO on board. And this is going to be revolutionary. Never again will I sit on the toilet with no toilet paper. Never again will I take a diaper out of my emergency car stash because we ran out of Pull Ups. Never again will I use dish soap to wash my hands because we are out of hand soap. And laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher soap, dog food, snacks – all of it at my.front.door.


And as if this couldn’t get any better it’s cheap!! $99 per YEAR! That’s right an entire 12 months for less than a hundred bucks. That works out to be $8.25 a month. AND the deal gets sweeter – FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING! That’s right! I can sit on the toilet, toilet paperless mind you, order toilet paper on my phone and be rest assured that it will arrive at.my.front.door in TWO days. Free of charge. Now that’s what I call service.


And it doesn’t just end there! All the snacks ya’ll. All of them – seriously. With a 3 year old  I keep Preppridge Farm in business with the rate we consume Goldfish. Same applies to fruit snacks, pretzels, KIND bars, cereal bars, and trail mix. I’ll just add those in my cart too.


Oh and ya’ll all the wipes. I know I have a potty trained kiddo, but moist flushable wipes help him get the job done – if you catch my drift. So I’ll toss those in the cart too. And why the heck not, I’ll get some regular baby wipes because those suckers are so damn convienent. At a penny or two apiece I use those like they are going out of style. Diapers has a snotty nose – use a wipe. I have a mysterious sticky substance on my arm – use a wipe. Diapers as God-knows-what on his hands – clean them with a wipe! So while I’m at it, I’ll take a case of wipes too.

Seriously my list could go on, and that could be dangerous, but Amazon has figured it out for mothers everywhere. Easy, cheap, and they take all the hassle out of shopping. No lines, no carts, no cranky toddler asking for every freaking unhealthy snack on the shelf, and most importantly I’m gaining some of my sanity back.


Amazon, you’re where it’s at. So from this crazy-busy-working-mom, thanks for this service. You’ve got my business.



Fine print that’s in regular font size: Amazon didn’t tell me to write all these nice things. These are all my thoughts and opinions.


Now tell me who has Amzon Prime? So you love it? Any suggestions?


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