Beauty in Contrast

It startles me. It catches me off guard, and stills me. Sometimes my breath catches, and my heart is stilled by the comfort while my mind catches up. It always happens when I least expect it among mundane daily life, but when the beauty of the juxtaposition is processed, I am calmed. I never expected this. I never dreamed of it. I never planned for this. I was never opposed to it. I never fought it. It just happened – naturally, organically.

Sometimes these moments happen hand in hand.

Other times they happen when I view a picture gaining an outsider’s perspective.

And sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. It’s my normal – surrounded by contrast. Beautifully intertwined in a sea of difference.
What’s ironic is I see this from the outside and always think – oh how surprising. How beautiful. Then I am snapped into reality and recognize, oh that’s me too. Its startling. Its startling in a beautiful and raw way. It’s beauty in difference; in opposites.

And some where in the spectrum of opposites is a middle; a composite. A beautiful masterpiece of a blend. And the beautiful part about a blend is that it doesn’t see each end of the spectrum for what it is, but rather it just sees beauty at both points.

Diapers is that blend. A magnificent combination of his parents. The mixture of black and white. But rather than seeing black or white, Diapers sees “mommy” and “daddy”. He sees equality in difference. He sees love in difference. He sees beauty at both points.




If we approached the world with such understanding, such acceptance and joy among differences, what a better place we would all live.


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