That One Time I Did Yoga and Happy New Year!

I started a 30 day yoga boot camp yesterday thanks to Becky over at Ok, So Here’s The Plan. She’s been following Adriene on YouTube for a bit now and always has such great things to say about her videos. So when she mentioned the boot camp I jumped on the lets-commit-to-something-starting-January-1st bandwagon. And ya’ll Adriene eased us into a wonderful 30 minute yoga routine and I am sore. I hate to admit it but I guess it just proves how yoga can actually be a good work out.

I’ve always wanted to get into a good routine with yoga but all the classes I have taken 1) are too fast since I don’t know all the poses 2) are intimidating because I can’t to all the poses correctly yet and 3) instructors I have been to don’t offer alternatives or modifications to poses so I have always approached yoga as an all or nothing – you do the pose correctly or no benefit. Well the great thing about Adriene is that she is all about going through your checklist – whatever that means to you and moving during and through poses. So Downward Dog hurts your tight hammies? No problem, slowly move into it and be present. And Adriene guides you through this wonderfully. All in all, I can’t say enough good things about her style and her videos. Check it out!


Also, Happy New Year! Maybe I should have started with this but nonetheless I hope you celebrated well, had a great 2015 and an even better 2016.



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