I Have Some News…

So I know I’ve been posting infrequently and after my half-marathon in November I haven’t talked much about running, and I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of posting working-mom topics. And none of this is intentional I promise.

So why have I been some what MIA?

Because as of today I am just a little over 14 weeks pregnant with Baby #2!

So needless to say blogging in general has taken a back burner and I do hope and plan to get on here more. It’s just really hard to blog about life without talking about the big elephant.

So needless to say this explains my lack of posting, the change of plans for my November half marathon which I ran 5 weeks pregnant, and my general boringness around here.

Since I know you are all dying to know some details here are a few:

Due date: Mid July

Symptoms: With this pregnancy I have felt a burst of energy rather than debilitating exhaustion like I did with Diapers. I’m still running, still staying active, and feel well after 8 hours of sleep. I once again had no morning sickness and for the most part only feel like my patience is thin on occasion. And I’m gassy.

Cravings: give me all the salty and savory foods please! Sweet things taste so sickingly sweet to me right now. For example, a Nutri-Grain bar is off the charts sweet to me. Biggest cravings have been salads, sushi (nothing raw of course), and fresh fruit and veggies. I also ate a lot of eggs and potatos the first few weeks. At 12 weeks coffee tasted fantastic again! Yay! Also I’m missing wine and beer and alcohol this time around. With Diapers I was indifferent.

Exercise: I’m still running and actually had a fantastic 6 mile run a few nights ago. Typically I run 2-4 miles 2-3 times per week and I’m also doing a 30 day yoga boot camp.

Boy or Girl: I don’t know yet but if I based it off of my pregnancy with Diapers I’d say another boy.

Weight Gain: Currently I’m only up 1 pound. And my doctor isn’t happy about it. I dropped 3 pounds between my first and second appointments so my doctor has me supplementing with Boost drinks and other high calorie foods/snacks. I don’t feel ravenous so it’s hard to eat and when I want an apple, I just want an apple. So I’m trying. I know the weight will come.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I’m not even showing at this point so I will dust those off in a few more weeks.

Diapers: Diapers is doing well although I don’t think he gets it yet. I can’t pick him up because he’s over 30lbs and I tell him I have a baby in belly and he corrects me saying I don’t have a baby in my belly, I have coffee in my belly. He knows me so well! I know when I start showing and we start prepping the nursery and shopping it will start to be more real for him.

High Risk Update: since Diapers arrived at 33 weeks and 5 days due to spontaneous preterm labor, I am high risk this time around. I have a lot of thoughts on this, a lot of feelings and maybe through the course of this pregnancy I’ll get some of them down on here and out of my head, but in a nutshell I will have frequent ultrasounds and lots of appointments.

Work: work is going well and since I am a Chemist by training and experience, although my role is now an office job, my work still takes me into the lab and our manufacturing plants. Because of some of the chemicals we work with, I do have some limitations of what I can do. However, my time is probably 10% in the lab so I don’t need many accommodations. I am still traveling (traveled at 5.5 weeks so far), but I do know this will turn into teleconferences and other means to communicate when me and/or my doctor are no longer comfortable with it.

Thats about all I have for now but I’m open to answering any questions you have or details you want to know!

Moms to more than one kiddo- how was the transition from 1 kiddo to 2? What was vital to you those first few weeks with your newborn while having an older child?





2 thoughts on “I Have Some News…

  1. Catching up. I didn’t get to say formal congrats! Glad your’e out of the terrible first trimester – I hated carrying around a secret and had horrible morning sickness. Although I had the opposite problem and gained 8 pounds because all I wanted to eat was junk to keep the nausea at bay!


    • Thank you! I’m so sorry you had terrible morning sickness – that’s got to be the worst! I have been pretty fortunate to not have morning sickness either pregnancy but I always live with a slight motion sickness feeling so I am glad that is over!


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