16 Weeks and Big News!

Ya’ll this pregnancy is going by in lightining speed and it’s kinda freaking me out. For one, the soon to be nursery is still our spare bedroom and two, Diapers is still in the crib-converted toddler bed. And not that I mind this in the least, but you know, we kinda need the crib.

In other news my weight is up to my starting weight so my doctor is thrilled about that. So technically I haven’t gained any but ya’ll I worked hard to get those 3 pounds back, I’ll take it for now.

What else, what else? Oh I’m still running and still feeling really good when I do which I’m extremely grateful for. Overall I can’t complain because this pregnancy has been a breeze (knock on wood).

Now onto my announcement!! Since I had preterm labor with Diapers, my doctor is monitoring me very closely which entails more ultrasounds than usual. I’ll spare you the details on this, but this means we get to see this baby a lot! And I’m not complaining!

So at 15 weeks 5 days, we saw our little peanut and found out the gender of this baby! I feel like I’m in this exclusive club where I get a sneak peak into a secret, and ya’ll it’s awesome! Having a gender really makes this baby seem more like a little person and takes away some of the surreal – if this makes sense.

So without further ado…


Drum roll please….



We are beyond excited to be welcoming another boy into our family and giving Diapers a brother! Diapers seems very excited and randomly talks about his “baby brother”. We couldn’t be more thrilled!



What are your plans for today?

Any good stories about brothers?



4 thoughts on “16 Weeks and Big News!

  1. Yay!!!! It’s so exciting you’re having another boy! That’s awesome you’re getting lots of ultrasounds. I had a few extra because we did IVF and I loved it. I’m glad you’re feeling well & still running!


  2. So exciting!!! I was dying to know the sex of our baby and had to wait til 18 weeks. It made it so much more real once we knew she was a girl. Some people are doing those blood tests now at 12 weeks and I am wondering if I can request one next time!


    • It does make it more real! Plus they look like babies by that point and are moving – very cool! I’ve heard of people doing the genetic sequence screening and getting to know the sex early but we have always chosen not to do the testing. Also my insurance doesn’t cover the one that includes the gender – hopefully yours will and you can know early! 😀


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