Baby Shower for Baby Boy #2

My baby shower for Diapers was in the hospital. After landing myself there and requiring around the clock meds to keep my labor at bay, my friends asked what I wanted to do. In the end we had a group of friends come to the hospital, eat pizza, cake, play some games, and give gifts. It wasn’t ideal, but when life handed us lemons we chucked ’em back and said “screw it” and made the best of a stressful situation.

This time around, one of my friends asked about a baby shower and I told her about Diapers’. So if we were going to have another it would have to be early and I really just wanted to get diapers and wipes since this is our second child and another boy, we had the basic essentials covered. To my suprise a baby shower was tentatively scheduled for May 12th. I thought this may be too late, but I kept my mouth shut. And lo and behold, my bitchy uterus lands back in the hospital. My sweet friends rescheduled my baby shower for April 13th and relocated it at my house so I could follow doctor’s order and stay off my feet.

On Wednesday evening we celebrated our Baby Boy and had such wonderful friends do everything. They set up, they cooked, they cleaned, and they told me to sit and relax. We got spoiled with tons of diapers and wipes and other essentials like burp clothes, onsies, blankets, swaddles, pacifiers, soap, lotion, diaper rash cream – basically I have very generous friends.

I did create an Amazon baby registry and ya’ll…best.idea.ever. I think this really made it easy for folks to order items and have them shipped directly to me. Even some friends who couldn’t attend, ordered a gift from Amazon and had them shipped to me. #blessed.

We also got quite a bit in gift cards which are always nice to fill in the gaps with anything needed or for last minute items.

I do have some pictures but I’m typing this post from my phone and can’t figure out how to insert pictures opposed to setting one feature picture. When, or if, I figure this out, I’ll update with some pictures – I had some really cute decorations!


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