29 weeks and counting…

I’m still stable and still at home – yay! But y’all, I am uncomfortable. Like a rock stuck in my shoe and a monkey on my back uncomfortable. I hate to complain, I really do because this little boy is still in his water bed growing, healthy, happy, and ALIVE. And that is, well that is sweet relief.

BUT pregnancy is hard. This 2lb 7oz little love is head down using my bladder has a pillow and doing a number on my pelvis. The pressure is unreal and the constant ache is, well constant.

BUT, I’m still pregnant and I’m grateful for that. So for as long as he is willing to chill out, I will continue bedresting and feeling his little hiccups.

Some Fun Facts:

29 weeks 2 days

Gained 13 pounds so far

Belly button still an innie

Maxi skirts are my life

I can still see my toes

No stretch marks (yet)

Dark circles are always under my eyes

Thank goodness for my Temperpedic bed


In other news, Diapers’ had his 4th birthday (say what?!) and his party at FirefighterDad’s station and it turned out awesome. It was small, low key, and the kiddos had fun. Oh, and thank you Pintrest Angels for your inspiration! Also, Diapers is officially in his big bed – a full size captains day bed. It’s pretty awesome!

I will post some bday pics and recent happenings soon but until then enjoy my wit and sarcasm 😉



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