Random post + what I’ve been up to + some pictures

So bedresting is getting harder and harder. I’m getting antsy, I have the most uncomfortable couch ever, and I am getting antsy.

So, every once in a while I get up and do something productive…

I have scoured Pintrest for firefighter themed DIY decorations for Diapers’ birthday party and came out successful.

We made pretzel matchsticks


Then made a “fire truck, ambulance, police car” cake at Diapers’ request


with a real graham cracker house on fire! We also had “fire hoses” (twizzlers), “fire balls” (Cheeto balls), and “fire truck tires” (mini chocolate donuts) in the goodie bags.

Diapers requested “construction” sheets for his big boy bed so Nana came through and found some really cute ones at a decent price (who knew full size sheets were so expensive?!) for his bday. That meant his bed had to get out together. Not to mention the crib kinda needs to get out together for Baby Boy too.

So here’s the bed progress:

Since Diapers is in the 85+% for his height, and we didn’t want to buy tons of beds/furniture, FirefighterDad and I decided to go ahead and buy a full size bed. It’s about the biggest bed that will fit in Diapers’ room and gives him TONS of growing room. Plus this captain’s day bed came with able storage and we got it during a close out sale which means we got a FANTASTIC deal!

Diapers’ room also needed some organizing. His toys were in open baskets and canvas totes for years but that meant when he cleaned up, toys got mixed up and tossed into random totes/trucks/cubbies/etc and it drove.me.nuts. So a few bucks for plastic containers and some organizing, his toys and closet looked SO much better!

The first picture is his shelf of books and containers of toys and the second of his closet. I wish I would have gotten some before pictures, but just trust me, this is a million times better!!

We also got down and dirty and fixed my washing machine! It was going off balance on every load and really concerning me because we can’t exactly afford a new one. Since FirefighterDad was working overtime and busy, my mom and I decided we could fix it after viewing some YouTube videos and investigating the problem. The BEST part?! It cost me $0.00! So I found the tension rods online at a store that takes payment through PayPal. Remember all those grocery rebate apps I use? Well, I had over $100 in my Paypal account so the $70 parts were FREE! I love repairs like that!

Here’s my awesome Mom hard at work as I stand by all preggo snapping pics.


There’s also been some cooking. I’d like to have a stocked freezer for when Baby Boy arrives and I loath wasting food and I had some left over hamburger and hotdog buns that need to be eaten so I introduced my mom to my French toast casserole. This was by far my best one. Even though buns aren’t all that healthy, they make a great casserole!


There’s also been pool days, dog baths, and sun soaking because I can only watch so much Netflix and sitting inside.

Speaking of Netflix, I recently found Hart of Dixie. Any other recommendations?

And one final pic – a belly shot of Baby Boy at 27 weeks.


I will be 30 weeks on Friday. He’s still cookin’!

Fill me in on what’s been happening with you!


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