WIC Take 2

Every month I get WIC vouchers for both me and Diapers. Last month I got them half way through April so I used them all at once. This month I ended up doing the same thing because I had some freezer and pantry items I wanted to eat through and my house was bare. Bare ya’ll.

This method makes for a longer grocery shopping trip and requires me freezing quite a few items, but it also is at the mercy of what items are listed on what WIC voucher. For example, if I need cheese, I have to get all the items on that voucher to maximize it.

So this month to stretch my WIC vouchers even further I used them with my local grocery store’s BOGO sales! And yes you can do this!! The lady at the WIC office even mentioned this and you can use coupons on WIC items. How awesome!

One big BOGO was WIC approved cereal. Diapers and I each get 36 oz of cereal per month, or 3 12oz boxes. With the BOGO sales I walked away with 8 boxes of cereal instead of 6.

Juice was also BOGO so I was able to get 4 bottles of juice versus our normal 2.

Some of the BOGO deals weren’t on qualifying WIC items which was disappointing, but I was still able to get some good deals.

This is the first month I got EVERY item on each of our WIC vouchers and all together it came out to be $139.99 that WIC covered.  That’s a pretty good savings!

I also had to do some regular shopping:

Bagels – reduced by $1



3x 2.5lb packages ground beef – each reduced by $3 (total of $9 savings)

Whole cut up chicken – reduced by $3

BOGO Pork Tenderloins – $6.27 savings

BOGO Smithfield Bacon – $5.50 savings

Sausage – 2 for $7

BOGO 16 oz Lunch Meat – $5.00 savings

BOGO ice cream – $2.95 savings

BOGO Italian ice – $1.88 savings

BOGO Vlasic pickles stacked with a $1/2 coupon – $2.50 savings

BOGO Cheese Its (Diapers’ request) -$2.60 savings

BOGO Mission tortilla chips

Pepperoni – 2 for $5.00

Simply Orange Juice (FirefighterDad’s fave OJ) – 2 for $6.00

2 boxes Capri suns – coupon $0.75/2

Kraft American Cheese – coupon $1.00/2

Butter – 2 for $6.00

Daisy sour cream – $0.64 savings

Toaster Strudels – not on sale just a pregnancy impulse purchase

2 pk cream cheese – coupon  $1.00 off 2pk

I got a few other random things but basically, I bought a lot of groceries. With all the meat and produce items, I was expecting to pay about $250 for these groceries.

After all was said and I done I paid $140.71 for these groceries!!! This accounted for a total savings of $69.94!! Say what?!!

This was not only a pleasant suprise with all the meat I bought, but it was a defining moment – WIC saved me just as much money as I spent. This is huge!

I know WIC is only a supplemental food allowance but since it covers produce (we got mangos, a pineapple, potatoes, avacados, spinach, cucumbers, and bananas), milk for both me and Isaac (all together 7.5 gallons of milk a month), dairy (yogurt, cheese, eggs), cereal, bread (or rice, pasta, tortillas – your choice), beans, peanut butter, and juice, it still saves a significant amount of money on food staples every month.

I’m really happy with my bargain shopping, penny pinching and grateful for WIC. I am guessing with what I have purchased, we have groceries for 3-4 weeks with the exception of additional fresh produce.

Do you have any bargain shopping stories, tips, or tricks?


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