Freezer Cooking Part 2

Sit back and buckle up for another freezer cooking post!

I got this wild hair up my butt and decided to make mini pizzas and cinnamon rolls – so far,

Well, here’s the catch: I decided to make homemade dough. Say what?! I know, but for realz I did. With yeast and rising and kneading and all.

Andthe worst part?! I took exactly ZERO pictures of this process. None. Nada. Zilch.

So freaking lame.

So you’ll just have to trust me that I did in fact make enough pizza dough for 10 small pizzas and one large pizza.

And since I was already elbow deep in flour, I also made cinnamon roll dough that made 60…yes SIXTY rolls and a loaf of common swirl bread.

The pizza dough was top notch and the cinnamon roll although very good, was a little dry for my preference.

So the moral of the story here, is that you will have to trust me that I did in fact spend an entire afternoon cooking and I have a shit ton of frozen cinnamon rolls 😀

Since this is a really boring and lame post skip right head to the next one – Part 3. I promise this one has ample pictures!


2 thoughts on “Freezer Cooking Part 2

    • Haha, well I’m glad I’m not the only one! Pictures do help and since I have a “wing it” approach to cooking, pictures help and guarantee my food at least looks good 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!

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