An Update in List Form

I have lots to share and my mind is mush so it’s going to be a list today…

Pregnancy: ya’ll, yesterday marked the longest I have EVER been pregnant – 33 weeks and 6 six days. Today I am exactly 34 weeks and this baby is still cooking! And I am oh so grateful. And I am oh so DONE. This has been a very tough road. On one hand I am so happy he’s healthy and thriving and still growing but on the other hand I am crampy, contractiony, back achy, pelvic pressury and have a baby bouncin’ on my cervix (ouch!). I am SO ready to meet this little boy, count his fingers and toes, see his nose and hair and give him a name and bring him home to his family. I’ve stopped all medications and plan to get a little house cleaning done and it take it a day at a time.

Here are a few stats:

34 weeks

17lb weight gain

No stretch marks

Belly button is poking out at the top only

I can’t see my toes

Having another BOY!

Due date is July 15th

Mable: my last post I introduced you to my sweet Mable (which btw means “loveable” and is such a fitting name for her!) and I have good news! She’s good to come home!! Her bladder repair surgery went SO well and she’s urinating a full bladder’s worth ON.HER.OWN. She’s also pooping on her own. Although she doesn’t have full rectal control, she has a lot more than a couple weeks ago and gets into position and poops! This is huge because it means her nerves are healing and are not completely dead! She’s still recieving TLC (read: spoiled rotten) at the vet office and even has free range to roam around on occasion. Her fractures seem to be healing nicely and are definitely not slowing her down. We need to get a couple other things lined up like a meet and greet with our two current dogs and getting Mable her own crate but I do have a collar and leash ordered for her! She’s coming home! Here’s a picture overload for your enjoyment!

Baby Prep: ya’ll, my freezer could feed the Chinese army. Or at least my family during a zombie apocalypse. Seriously it’s kinda insane. BUT having gone through the newborn stage once with round the clock nursing and very little sleep, I know I won’t regret all the food I have prepared. My mom and I worked leisurely these past couple weeks on a few final things: chicken casseroles, banana bread, and french toast which I got zero pictures of. I know – a professional blogger I am not. We also made some beef based dishes. Meatloaf, meatballs, hamburger patties, and chili!

I decided it would be easier for me to already have meat prepared versus pounds of ground beef in the freezer. So the meatloaf, meatballs, and hamburger patties were seasoned, formed and frozen raw. All I have to do is toss it in the oven or on the grill. The chili was cooked and simmered ALL DAY then cooled overnight in the fridge and portioned into zip lock bags for an easy meal. Outside of cooking and eventually some cleaning (my nesting doesn’t like the cleaning) there hasn’t been much else in terms of baby prep. I have the essentials in my room and the nursery is sort of together. The crib is in the room in pieces, the old tv is out of there, and the futon is folded up (as a couch vs a bed) and all of Baby Boy’s clothes are washed and in his drawers but honestly that’s been it. I want to get it all done and have a Pintrest worthy nursery but the truth is I hurt. A lot. All day every day and the reality is, it will be easier to do some of this not pregnant. And Baby Boy won’t need his crib/room immediately after coming home. So there’s time. At least I keep telling myself this.

Summer/Diapers/FirefighterDad: okay hands down summer is my favorite season. I love it all – the sunshine, the warmth, the pools, beaches, BBQs, being outside, watermelon, sprinklers, white puffy clouds…agh I could go on and on. The only thing I don’t like are the mosquitos but I am religious with sunscreen and bug spray so it’s a small sacrifice for a couple months.

With that said, Diapers has been practicing riding his bike (with training wheels). This is something I really want him to master before his brother arrives so the 3 of us can take walks! He got the bike for Christmas and was all like “no way”. Well a lot of encouragement and 6 months later he’s getting it. It’s not perfect, but we did make it around the half mile loop we have in our neighborhood. Progress! There has also been a lot of scootering, sidewalk chalk and playground time. I hope to get to the pool and beach more now that water temps are more reasonable and I even signed Diapers up for a free summer bowling program and our local library’s reading program. I figure since I’m not working full time right now (and for the next foreseeable future) I am going to take advantage of this staying-at-home-mom-gig!

FirefighterDad is doing well also and is extremely busy. His department is crazy short staffed so that means overtime and crazy hours. Plus he’s taking a class on the weekends so time with him now is limited, but by the time Baby Boy arrives, his schedule won’t be so hectic. A small sacrifice now for more time later.

And that’s all the update I have for you.


Now fill me in – what are your summer plans?!


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