Nursery Reveal!

You guys, I am STILL pregnant. And you know my last post where I said some things would be easier to do not pregnant like Baby Boy’s room? Yeah well, sittin’ on my butt get olds too, so little by little I finally got this little boy’s room put together.

I’m so excited to have his room done and ready for him.

His whole room was done on the cheap by repurposing stuff I already had. I LOVE “going shopping” in my own house and using things differently.

The dresser was a Craig’s List find FirefigterDad got, the changing pad and covers are from Diapers, the blue crate (I’m LOVING that blue color!) was a clearance item at Hobby Lobby for 10 bucks which I’m using to store extra blankets and burp clothes in for now.

The “Love you to the Moon and back” canvas was something FirefighterDad saw and bought. Originally it was suppose to be for Diaper’s room but he’s growing up and I think a big boy theme will be in his future soon for his room. So I repurposed it!

The framed water color is a Diaper’s original! He made this when he was probably 16 or 17 months old and I just fell in love with it! I loved the colors and the overall effect so I held onto it and it became my inspiration for Baby Boy’s room.

The bear picture above, I actually colored from an adult coloring book. I used cerulean blue, greys, browns, and greens to tie in the colors with the other two pictures. And the two light 8 x 10 frames I already had.


The crib of course was Diaper’s, the grey sheet was a baby shower gift, and the quilt on the back my mom made! She’s very talented!

Across from the crib is our futon and our rocking chair which we’ve had. The room came together nicely and overall is very simple but sweet and tranquil.

And lucky for us, this room was already painted a light sea foam/Aqua green color (the pictures don’t do the wall color justice) which is just perfect and saved me the hassle of painting. Which, if I’m being totally honest, I wouldn’t have even considered doing. Painting is not my favorite.


Moms out there, what was your nursery inspiration?



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