35.4 and an Update

Its been a few weeks and that’s because Baby Boy has arrived! I will try to get to a birth story here shortly, but he’s here happy and healthy and such a good baby!!

I made it to 35 weeks and 4 days which surpassed the 33 weeks and 5 days I made it with Diapers. Baby Boy came out pink and screaming which was unbelievable for me. I held him immediately and got 3 glorious precious days with my boy. And best of all no NICU, and my baby came home WITH me.

It took us a couple days to actually settle on a name for him. FirefighterDad and I had a short “list”, for lack of a better word, of names we both liked, but honestly, none of them were screaming at me. I had a favorite but FirefighterDad wasn’t thrilled with it, and when Baby Boy was born he just didn’t fit the name. Or the name didn’t fit him. Either way on day 2 we settled on a name and for the purpose of keeping this blog anonymous to protect my family and kids, I will call him C, or Baby C, or Little Brother C, or Lil Bro C…you get the idea.

And speaking of blog names, I have decided to change Diaper’s. I originally went with Diapers because it fit the motif of my blog, but lets be real – he no longer wears diapers. And he’s four. He’s practically packed up and headed to college. Maybe I am being a little dramatic, but either way it doesn’t fit him anymore, so as happens with time, I have decided to change his name from Diapers to I. I imagine I might refer to him as Big Brother I, or Mr. I, or Brother I, etc etc. So heads up!

In other news, I have managed two shift days now with the boys, I have done school drop offs and picks for I with Baby C tagging along, and my house isn’t in complete ruin. I have laundry that needs to be done, and dogs that need to be walked, and dishes that need to be done, but snuggling with C is taking front and center right now, because this stage goes by too quickly.

I often find myself comparing I’s newborn stage to C’s newborn stage. To be clear, I’m not comparing my boys, but rather my experience and going from 1 kid to 2 kids. And honestly the difference is night and day. Obviously Brother I was in the NICU so EVERYTHING was different. I used a pump from the get-go, skin to skin was limited during NICU visits, I never got 2-3 days of alone time with Mr. I to get to know him. I got to know him through procedures, tubes, wires, and visits. And it wasn’t bad. It was hard. VERY hard. But my heart burst open with love for I the instant I held him, and navigating the NICU was just something I had to do. When I came home, I just felt like he was ALWAYS discontent. Like ALWAYS. he was always wanting to nurse, or be held, and he rarely slept. I sleeping for 30 minutes was considered a success.

My experience with Baby C has been completely different. C came out breathing with fantastic APGARS of 8 and 9. For comparison’s sake I’s were 2 and 3. I held C right away, I nursed C right away, and I had skin to skin right away. Then I got 3 unbelievable days with C. Bottom line is, I got to know C. Like really know him. I know when he wants to eat, when he needs to burp, and when he’s going to poop. I know his cry, his noises, I know him. And although I got to know I, with C its just been easier. that’s been the real difference. C is simply easier. And who knows if it was the 2 extra weeks of pregnancy, or the 3 days, or no NICU. I think its a combo of all 3.

All I know, is that even though both experiences have been completely different, I am totally, completely, soul-defining, and life-changingly in love with both of my boys. C definitely completes our family and I is an incredible big brother.

Stay tuned for C’s birth story!


*Reading through this post I now can see how confusing using I for Diapers can be since I am also referring to myself as I…so consider this the fine print and I reserve the right to change I’s blog name/initial again*


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