Big Brother I and Oasis 235

About an hour after Baby C’s arrival, FirefighterDad went to pick up Brother I from our friends’ house so he could meet his little brother!

Leading up to this event I had some expectations but I tried to push them aside. Having a sibling is life-altering for kids and although Brother I LOVES babies, I still wasn’t really sure how Big Bro I would take it. Plus the hospital setting and a late night, but I’m happy to say Brother I was ecstatic to meet Baby C and was so proud and happy to hold him.

Right when he walked into the room he asked if his Baby Brother was here and assured him Baby C was here!

Big Brother I wanted to give us a hug!


FirefighterDad and Big Brother ate some dinner while Baby C and I had some skin to skin time and I nursed him.

Big Brother was getting a little antsy and wanted to hold his Baby Brother and Big Bro I had the proudest look on his face!


Oasis 235

Shortly after 11 pm Baby C and I were moved to a postpartum room. This was new for me. After Brother I was born I actually stayed in the L&D room because it was right down the hall from the NICU. I didn’t really know what to expect but all of our nurses were great.

The neonatal doctor came to check on C and she explained that for 35 and 36 weekers, they don’t rush discharging and are usually in the hospital 3-4 days because they are late pre-term babies. I completely understood and was just SO grateful I was WITH my baby and could hold him and snuggle.

The biggest challenge Baby C had was his blood sugar was low. But after my milk came in and C got some good feeds, he passed his 3 consecutive blood sugar tests. From there it was easy sailing – C passed his pulse ox test, jaundice, and car seat test.

On Friday June 17th (my sister’s birthday) Baby C and I went home TOGETHER! I brought a baby home WITH me! I know this sounds crazy but it was so amazing to have him with me and not having to visit him in the NICU.

And at the same time it was bittersweet. I wasn’t expecting to be SO emotional over leaving my room. I got Baby C dressed and in his car seat and couldn’t hold back the tears. I was crying because I got everything I wanted – a baby coming home with me. And I was crying because our time in room 235 was coming to an end. And hormones – am I right?!

In room 235 I lived every moment as that – a moment. A moment of being fully present and aware. Every second was absorbed and cherished. And each moment fed my soul. It was nourishing, relaxing, and peaceful. Time stood still and my days weren’t measured by minutes or hours but rather by feedings, snuggles, naps, and love. My days were calm and peaceful; full of love and serenity. It was a place in the world, but away from the world. My days moved slower, I had no responsibilities, no agenda, no plans. I simply just was. Every touch, every smell, every noise was etched permanently into my heart as I got to know my son.



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