Postpartum Plans

I have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my mind so this will post will be a mind-dump of sorts.

Running: I am really looking forward to getting back into running. Honestly it’s not even for the “baby weight” since I’m about 7lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, it’s simply because I miss it. My last run was at 18 weeks and it was about 3 miles and I felt pretty good. But needless to say it’s been a while since I had a good run.

Call me crazy, but I’m also going to start the 60 day Insanity program. I have very low expectations for my endurance and honestly the results I will get, because I’m doing this for the first time after having a baby. BUT, the advantage of doing high intensity training to support my running and being able to do it at home is attractive  at this point in time.

As far as races are concerned, there is a local 5k in September I want to run. My plan is to use this race as a gauge on where my fitness is at. Last year I had an incredible PR of 28:52 and placed 2nd in my AG. Post-baby I don’t expect a PR but it will still be a good way to see where my fitness is at.

In October there is a trail half marathon I want to do. My plan for this race is to simply just have fun! I want to focus on enjoying the trails, my fueling, and my endurance so I can tweak training for my A race….

My A race is a half marathon in November. I have ran this race every year since it started and I’m not about to miss a year. Last year I ran it 5 weeks pregnant and although I didn’t “race” it I had a great time and felt amazing. My PR right now is at 2:22 so I’d love to get closer to my sub 2 hour this year!

Following my A race there is a Cocoa 5k in December I want to do and they even have a kids race that Big Bro I can run in.

After those races my focus is going to be on shorter distances. I want to focus on activating my fast-twitch muscle fibers more and I have read great things from other runners who focus on 5ks and have amazing half marathon and marathon PRs.

While focusing on shorter races, I will also focus on building a solid base so I can begin training for the 2018 Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge!

SAHM: Since I was laid off in early February, and then was in the hospital late March with preterm labor, and had two interviews that didn’t result in anything, I have made the decision to be a SAHM for a while. Baby C will be our last child and I didn’t have the opportunity to stay home with Brother I. In fact FirefighterDad was a SAHD for about 2 years since daycare wasn’t advised. This time around, I’m going to stay home with the boys. The opportunity won’t happen again, and I am really looking forward to it. There will be plenty of time for me to get back to work and build another career when the boys are older sofor right now I’m going to enjoy this season in life.

On Raising Boys: I am VERY content having two boys. When people find out that we won’t be having any more children (too many risks) or won’t be trying for a girl, I assure them that FirefigterDad and I are THRILLED with our boys. Yes boys are busy, rambunctious, and never.ever.stop. But boys are also loving, funny, and kind. With boys, fart jokes are not only appropriate and funny, but necessary. Burping is a must and smelling stinky feet is a daily occurance. Bottom line, boys are great but of course I’m a little biased 😉

From 1 to 2: Going from one kid to two, has been suprisingly easy! I think part of it helps that Brother I is 4. That means he’s potty trained, sleeps through the night and is really self sufficient. He can use the bathroom himself (except pooping it seems – argh – it’s a work in progress), he can get his own cereal, he can pour his own drinks, get snacks, play on his own, and developmentally he understands when and why I’m busy. The other part of it is that Baby C is an incredibly easy baby. Maybe he’s just more chill than Bro I, or maybe it’s because gestationally – therefore developmentally – two weeks makes this much difference. Or maybe Brother I was just a high needs child, or maybe my milk supply is better this time, or maybe it’s a combination of all of this. All I know is that I’m sleeping well, Baby C sleeps well, and eats well, and his addition has been amazing. A true blessing and a dream come true.


SAHMs, any pointers or tips you’d like to pass along?

Mommas, any tips to get my 4 yo to poop in the toilet?!



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