4 Weeks + Fever + Antibiotics

Hiya! I’m back and I know you’re thrilled. My absence was due to the fact that I’m enjoying some major baby snuggles. And today Baby C is 4 weeks old.

Let me be clear on one little thing though.

I have a 4 week old not a 1 month old baby m’kay?

You see, I did the math. 4 weeks times 7 days in each weeks equals 28 days.

28 days does not make a month (unless your the calendar outcast know as February and so self-involved that every 4 years you have to add an extra day to your month.)

Well clearly I have some repressed deep-seated issues with February.

Anyways back to my original point.

Therefore, Baby C is 28 days old today, or 4 weeks. A standard month is 30 days except when it’s not and its 31.

Ugh this is getting complicated.

Anyways, for my purposes, let’s just say a standard month is 30 days.

Therfore, Baby C will be one month old in two days. #IDontWantToTalkAboutIt

This also means, although I will commemorate his 4 week milestone with pictures, I will NOT be taking pictures of Baby C with his cute “1 Month” bow tie sticker today.


Now that we got that cleared up, let’s move on and talk about our “girls”.

Yes, I mean our boobs.



Call them what you want. Personally I like Elixar of Life Makers. Has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

Okay well anyways after a week or so (probably more like 10 days-ish. With a very big ish) I finally went to see my OB because my left breast is hard, painful, red, and warm. Thank god it doesn’t hurt to nurse Baby C but everything else pretty much does hurt.

Honestly, Leftie is just one big “hurt” now.

So they squeezed me in to be seen and checked me in: BP little high (hello feeling like shit) – check, temperature is 101 (say what?! It was 99 at home) – fever check. Thank god they didn’t get my weight.

Then I was ushered into a room and told to get undressed. And after a quick exam and explaintion of my symptoms…

I have Mastitis.

And now I have a 10-day course of antibiotics.

Anyone have this before?!

Well let me tell you it hurts. Like capital H hurt.

It hurts more today than yesterday. That constant burning aching feeling….yep typical mastitis symptom. #ThankYouWebMD

So here’s the deal: I take my antibiotics 3 times a day for 10 days (and pray I don’t shit myself – hello probiotics!), nurse, nurse, nurse. Use warm compresses and massage the hard knot, hand express and or pump if needed to empty Leftie. And in two weeks I follow back up with my doctor.


Fill me in on your going-ons!




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