Beauty in Contrast

In light of the recent heartache in Dallas I remembered this post.

See here’s the thing, I’m part of an interracial marriage. I am white and FirefigterDad is black.

Our children our a beautiful mixture of us both, as all children are of their parents.

As Americans I so wish we could set aside our differences, our hurt, our hate, our need to feel superior, our need for revenge, and our racism.

I wish we all saw the beauty in each other and loved one another. After all it is our differences that brought us together and made this country great. It is our differences that led to changing of laws and acceptance. I don’t want to see us lose sight of this and take steps backward plagued in hate and ignorance.

I don’t have any profound words to say except that I am praying. I am praying for Dallas. I am praying for the families, I’m praying for police officers, I am praying for our country, and for us. I am praying for love and understanding. I am praying for full acceptance of our differences.

Pant Suits & Diapers

It startles me. It catches me off guard, and stills me. Sometimes my breath catches, and my heart is stilled by the comfort while my mind catches up. It always happens when I least expect it among mundane daily life, but when the beauty of the juxtaposition is processed, I am calmed. I never expected this. I never dreamed of it. I never planned for this. I was never opposed to it. I never fought it. It just happened – naturally, organically.

Sometimes these moments happen hand in hand.

Other times they happen when I view a picture gaining an outsider’s perspective.

And sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. It’s my normal – surrounded by contrast. Beautifully intertwined in a sea of difference.
What’s ironic is I see this from the outside and always think – oh how surprising. How beautiful. Then I am snapped into reality and recognize, oh…

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