One Month

As of Thursday I officially have a one month old baby!

Agh! How did this happen?!

I need time to slow down just a bit.

Baby C is doing really well. He’s bigger for sure and longer but I dunno by how much. We don’t go back to the pediatrician until he’s two months. But trust me, he’s growing too quickly.

At two weeks Baby C was 6 lbs and 12 oz so 2 oz above his birth weight and he was 20 inches long – a half inch longer than at birth. So all know is that he’s growing, eating, sleeping, and pooping.

He loves to sleep on his belly which I only let him do during the day so I can keep an eye on him.

He’s rather gassy now so he’s fussier than usual and warm baths, lying on the heating pad and lots of snuggles are getting us through it.

Baby C is also more alert with longer awake periods so we have really started focusing on baby signing. Right now we’re doing “milk”, “change” (for diaper changes), and “bath”.

Overall Baby C is such a blessing and I’m so glad he’s here.


1. Nursing

2. Being held

3. Napping on his tummy

4. Baths


1. Getting diaper changes

2. Getting dressed

3. Not being held

4. Gas/Burps




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