And Then You Have a Break Through…

I had to get both boys and myself to Walgreens when they opened this morning at 10 because I needed a different antibiotic for this Mastitis I’m still fighting. #MastitisIsWorseThanLabor

While there, Brother I was a gem. I reminded him a couple times to make good choices and in the end the 40 minute trip was easy peasy.

At one point Brother I asked if he could have a 7Up which I wiling allowed since he was behaving and, bubble juice as we call it, is a very rare thing.

We paid, hopped into the car, and went home.

At lunch time I asked Brother I if I could have some of his bubble juice. He graciously said yes, however when I poured some into a cup for me, Brother I wasn’t so thrilled.

He said he wanted the bubble juice that I had poured back into the bottle. I explained we were sharing and he was quick to remind me the bubble juice was his.

So I asked what he was feeling and with his little 4 year old crossed arms and pouty face, he said most emphatically “I’m mad”.

I said “Ok you’re mad because I poured some bubble juice into my cup?”

Brother I said yes and I asked what he needed. And he explained he wanted the bubble juice back in the 20 oz bottle.

So I obliged because in the end it wasn’t a lesson on sharing it was a lesson on using his feeling words and Brother I knocked it out of the park.

He didn’t throw a fit and cry and scream. Instead he used his words, told me how he was feeling, and I was able to help make it better for him.

So sometimes having a 4 year old means you have break throughs and proud mommy moments.

And water with your lunch.


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