What We’ve Been Up To Lately

Hello dear blog friends!

Im sipping a cup of coffee and holding sweet Baby C. He’s wide awake looking around and well, trying to poop!

Here’s a quick update on our goings-ons

1. I had my 6 week postpartum appointment and was very excited to see my OB. She ended up not delivering Baby C because she was in the office (you can read Baby C’s birth story here) so it was great to see her and thank her for getting me to 35+ weeks. She checked me out and cleared me for activities and said I looked great. She did peak at my left breast but since the drains were still in and I had the incisions covered in guaze, she left well enough alone. It’s kinda weird going from weekly appointments with her to once a year!

2. I had my second post-op appointment for my left breast. The doctor was VERY pleased with how it looked and decided to take both drains out. I was really excited for this appointment because I wanted the drains out but I was also VERY nervous because I didn’t know how badly it was going to hurt. It was FirefigterDad’s day off so he came for moral support and ya’ll….I didn’t feel a thing. Not a single tug, pinch, burn or anything. It was easy peasy. Prior to this appointment I noticed some milky white liquid leaking from my incisions. Well come to find out its breastmilk!! Doctor said its to be expected since some milk ducts were cut but it’s nothing to be concerned about and will heal. And I’m happy to report that Baby C is nursing even more on the left side and my milk supply seems to be increasing!

3. Baby C has been congested and rattely for a week or so now and I took him to the pediatrician. His breathing is good, his lungs are clear, and everything seems good. However, we are popping in again this morning so the doctor can double check his breathing and make sure he doesn’t have a virus that could potentially very quickly compromise his breathing. It’s a little nerve wrecking, but I’m so grateful for our pediatrician. They NEVER dismiss our concerns or chalk it up to paranoid parents. Instead they are compassionate and thorough. I’m sure if Baby C was older, a virus wouldn’t be so alarming but at his age inflammation can restrict his airway…so I’m grateful for our pedi!

4. Yesterday at Baby C’a appointment he clocked in at 10 pounds! 10 pounds ya’ll!! My little baby is in double digits and put on almost 4 pounds in 4 weeks!! Pretty soon he’ll be out of newborn clothes for good! It’s crazy how quickly Baby C is chunking up compared to Big Brother I. It’s so bittersweet to see Baby C grow up but it’s so wonderful to not be worried about weight gain!

5. And the best for last…this very morning Baby C responded to me signing “milk”. He was a little squirmy and fussy so I signed “milk” and he got very still and SMILED!  Ya’ll he smiled and responded to a sign!! After unlatching and burping, I signed “milk” again and Baby C stopped fussing and gave me his sweet little “eh eh eh” sound and he nursed on the other side! I love baby signing. I think it’s an amazing and powerful tool and so glad we are using it again with Baby C.

I need to wrap this up and get everyone ready for Baby C’s follow up appointment!

Fill me in on your weekend plans!


2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To Lately

  1. Wow, such a great update!! *high five*
    Oh, I LOVE doing sign language with babies and children!! I can’t wait to use it with Elizabeth. ❤


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