I have no good title for this post…

A quick Baby C update: he’s healthy, he’s growing, and his breathing is a-okay. In fact, at his follow up appointment yesterday, is oxygen saturation was 100%!! Can’t get any better than that! So although Baby C’s lungs are in tip top shape, the poor guy is suffering from reflux. He’s on meds twice a day and I am seeing a slight improvement already. I’m hoping in another day or so, our happy easy going baby will be feeling tons better!

In other news, Brother I is signed up for soccer!! FirefighterDad is a big soccer fan and played all through is childhood and into college so I’m excited to pass along the sport, so to speak.

So in short, I’ve gone from corporate mom 👗👡💄👜 to soccer mom 👚👖👟🎒⚽️

And I’m really looking forward to it. Obviously my days are more flexible now which makes attending practices and games much less daunting. There will be later nights for Mr. I and quick dinners on soccer days, but I’m looking forward to seeing him outside running around having fun.

I’m also ready to start working out again. I’m pretty thrilled with where I’m at postpartum wise – I’m about 4-5 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight and back into my regular shorts, however things aren’t quite as toned as they once were. With my breast still healing I’m thinking about starting out slowly with yoga. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how this goes.

That’s all I have for now! I’ll talk to you in August!


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