Parenting Doubts and Weekly Menu

Happy August!

It’s going to be a busy month for us here. August is my birthday month, my sister is coming to visit, soccer starts, and school starts in two weeks – not that that effects me much but it’s hard to believe summer is almost over.

I have fallen off then menu-planning wagon, but since I’m home now and have a freezer full of food from my bedrest days I needed to get back into it. So here is our menu for this week:


French toast/blueberry pancakes/scrambled eggs x2/cereal x3

We always have cereal on Brother I’s school days


PB&J/Tortilla pizzas/Turkey and cheese sandwich/Leftovers

I only plan lunches the days that Brother I isn’t in school since the other days he eats lunch at school.


BLT’s/Tacos/Lasagna Casserole/Chili & Cornbread/Brinner/Leftovers x2


Yogurt/strawberries/apples/string cheese/granola bar

And there ya have it, our menu this week.


Now moving onto some parenting thoughts. Ya’ll know how I want to be authentic and honest on here and I have waffled on sharing this because well, honestly no one likes to be judged on their parenting style. So why am I sharing this?

Because parenting is hard ya’ll.

It’s rewarding, it’s joyous, but it’s also hard and the mommy wars crap is just ridiculous. Us parents need to stick together!

Solidarity sisters!

So here’s what went down yesterday…

Brother I has been peeing and pooping in his pants. He’s potty trained and he knows what he is doing is wrong, but he won’t stop playing to use the toilet.

Well one day, in my frustrated-cleaning-poop-off-of-underwear state I told Mr. I that if he chooses to not stop playing to use the toilet, I was going to take all of his toys out of his room.

At the time it sounded like a good threat. It seemed logical to me that if he won’t stop playing, then I’ll remove the toys so that’s not an option for him any more.

And I thought it was a harsh enough threat that we would see some changes/progress from Mr. I.

Well, ya’ll the key word here is threat.

I never really thought I would have to follow through on this.

But I had to yesterday.

While playing, Brother I peed and pooped in his pants.

I was livid. Livid I tell ya. So mad that I didn’t.say.a.word.

I took a breath and told Brother I to get himself cleaned up.

Then I remembered my threat.

In that moment I realized if I was going to get my point across, I’d have to follow through.

Natural consequences I told myself.

Disclipline I told myself.

After my little pep talk, I calmly walked into Brother I’s room and without saying a word I started removing his toys.

Legos, cars, blocks, magna tiles, action figures, dump truck…all of it gone.

The only things left in his room after my 10 minute purge were his books.

Then I explained to Mr. I why I did what I did. Obviously he was upset, but he understood and asked if he could have his toys back after he uses the toilet.

While he was getting dressed into clean clothes I sat on the couch doubting the last 20 minutes.

I texted FirefighterDad and explained the whole situation.

And he texted back “good job”.

But I still felt like the worst parent EVER. I mean what kind of parent takes away their kid’s toys?!

But I stuck to it and I think the point got through to Brother I.

So since he had no toys to play with, we got creative. He ran a living room obstacle course created by FFD, we made blueberry pancakes, he threw a ball for one of our dogs, and he (reluctantly) read some books.

And today, we’re going to the store, making granola, banana bread and possibly more pancakes (Brother I requested them). Then we’ll have quiet time/naps and probably go to the pool.

And hopefully Brother I starts using the toilet so I can feel like an awesome parent, and give him all his toys back.

And stop washing poopy clothes.



Have you experienced any parenting doubts?

Any creative consequences you have used for your kiddos?

What’s your weekly menu?


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