First Postpartum Run and My Saturday So Far

You guys guess what?!!!! I did it! I went for my first postpartum run this morning!

After my last post-op appointment on my breast I felt comfortable enough going for an easy run with a good supportive sports bra.

Not to mention I’ve been craving a good run and I have noticed my anxiety has increased so I needed to get some endorphins flowing.

I also FINALLY finished my 17 day course of antibiotics and felt like I have given my body plenty of rest to recovery from MRSA, surgery, and child birth.

So I changed into my running clothes and started my pre-run ritual. Clothes, shoes, hair tied up, sunscreen on my face, sunglasses, Garmin, and iPod.

I chose to wear my Garmin but I wore it with the face on the inside so I wouldn’t obsess about my pace because I knew it was going to be slow.

And the run was hot, humid, painful, and slow but also so so glorious. It felt wonderful being outside and running. I’m no where close to the pace I was at before or the endurance level I had but I still marveled at my body.

7 weeks after having a baby I was running. And I was happy, content, and all the joy is back you guys. I’m just so content, so at peace, SO damn happy and joyful.

I have a beautiful baby that is healthy and my body is incredible.

The pace will come, the endurance will return, and my body will adapt. But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to every run, every chance to hit the pavement, and  every opportunity to get a good sweat in.


About every .55 miles I took a walk break and sipped some water and the last half mile or so was rough with more frequent walk breaks. But 2 miles done!

And don’t let the 9:02 pace fool you – that was my pace for the last .11 miles because I was motivated to be done!

After my run, Mr. I and I set out for a “run”. And by this I mean Mr. I ran and I walked.

I’m so happy he has such a love for running already!


Then, while I was laying down on the living room floor petting my dog Jake and cooling off, I found a tick on his back leg! Argh SO gross. I can handle fleas but not ticks.

After I removed the tick, all 3 dogs got baths and their flea and tick medicine applied to them.

After that, I finally hopped into the shower and then fed Baby C for an HOUR!!

Ya’ll I got SO hungry! Running and then nursing and then it being noon with only coffee in my system is a sure fire way to get Hangry.

I finally got Baby C settled and then I ate!


2 scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese

2 homemade oatmeal blueberry pancakes

Peach yogurt with homemade granola

4 fresh strawberries


An iced coffee


And that’s been my Saturday so far.






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