Poop-splosions, Reflux, Smiles, and my second run

This will be quick because I’m hungry and have a sleeping baby which means I need to capatalize on this time and EAT!

But first an update!

1. We finished all of the newborn size diapers yesterday and that’s a good thing because Baby C was having a lot of poop-splosions. Thank god for Shout and now he’s wearing size 1 diapers.

2. The reflux is in full force, and although I think Baby C feels better (less heartburn feeling) the spit up and refluxing is still there. In fact, just this morning he burped and spit up and milk came out his little nose. I’m going to talk to the doctor about increasing the medicine amount since Baby C has gained weight! I’m guessing he’s about 11.5 lbs now!

3. Baby C is 8 weeks old today and the smiles are in full force ya’ll! These aren’t gas or poop related smiles, these are real honest to goodness smiles!! They melt my heart every.single.time.

4. And finally I went for another run today. My first mile was 12:04 which beats my 12:33 mile from my first run back. So there’s progress, but my legs are still a little sore and tight so this run felt a little harder in effort.


And that’s all I have for now!

My sister is coming tomorrow for a visit so this blog space might be a little quiet.


4 thoughts on “Poop-splosions, Reflux, Smiles, and my second run

  1. Aww, great job!!
    I hate those explosive poops…Elizabeth is in a size two and we have less messes now than last week when I was still trying to have her in ones, lol. Also, we started using cloth diapers (during the day only) over the weekend and we’ve had zero messes in them for these five days!!


  2. The poop-splosions are the worst! I’ve found going up a diaper size has really helped.

    Great job doing your second run! Take it slow, there’s no reason to push the pace. I would just be happy to be out there running. Run for fun! 🙂


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