I’m back and boy do I have a lot to tell you…

Let’s start with August 10th…

My sister came into town with my oldest niece for the week and thank God she did because it was one heck of a week.

My sister got to meet Baby C and after just one day, she agreed with me – Baby C’s crying and fussiness is not typical. So I quickly made an appointment for the next day to have his reflux checked out.

This brings us to August 11th…

Baby C had gained a little weight so we were able to increase his meds a bit, but the shocker was the wheezing. Due to the reflux, Baby C was having some wheezing so he got two breathing treatments and a steroid at the pediatrician’s office.

And I may have a cried just a tad.

After the NICU, anything breathing related is not my favorite.

After the first treatment, Baby C’s oxygen saturation was 95% and they like to see it above 95%. Another reading gave us 97%.

After the second treatment, he came up to 100%. So after an hour or so, we went home with a prescription for steroids, albuterol, and got a fancy nebulizer to continue breathing treatments at home.

Luckily, Baby C loves these treatments. So much so that he falls asleep!

Now back to my sister real quick…

She’s awesome. Amazing. She’s basically the best. And her visit could not have come at a better time. She knows babies. I jokingly called her the Baby Whisperer because she really is. And it’s amazing ya’ll. She can lull a baby to sleep, she can make them smile and calm down in an instant. And she never loses her cool.

She was a wealth of knowledge for me and helped me during Baby C’s 4am to 6am awake time, and helped me get Baby C on a simple routine of eat, sleep, and awake.

And it is glorious.

Before her magic, Baby C’s routine was cry, eat, cry, sleep, cry, cry, cry, eat…you get the idea.

So my sister’s help along with the breathing treatments has really made a huge difference with Baby C and I am oh so grateful.

Stay tuned for more posts recapping the rest of the week and my first giveaway!





2 thoughts on “I’m back and boy do I have a lot to tell you…

  1. Aww, poor thing! How cute that he falls asleep while doing the breathing treatments. ((hugs)) Both my boys have needed treatments at different times because of wheezing/croup. It’s no fun for mama!!


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