August 12th: Urgent Care and a Giveaway!

I woke up on Friday knowing my allergies was now a sinus infection. I didn’t sleep well because of the cough and congestion plus nursing Baby C, so I made the decision to just go get seen at Urgent Care and get some antibiotics to knock it out.

I’m really glad I went in because my doctor was awesome and since I’m breastfeeding, she gave me two shots – 1 antibiotic and 1 steroid. Done and done.

By that afternoon I was feeling better and my voice was starting to come back.

This day was also my one year blog-iversary!

I really had planned on hoping on here to post and do a giveaway, but life.

So here’s my first ever giveaway!!

Comment and like to earn two entries. The giveaway will begin August 17th to August 21st for US readers.

What am I giving away you ask?

Well, some of my favorite things that are essentials in my life as a mother and a runner.

1. A ceramic dishwasher safe and microwave safe travel coffee mug. Because coffee…yes, yes, and yes.

2. A package of Goody’s Athletique hair ties. They are cute, ouch less, and fun colors. Plus what mom doesn’t need hair ties for a quick up do or for a run?

And last but not least…

3. 2oz tube of Maximum Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. This is by far my favorite diaper rash cream. I used it for Brother I and am religiously using it for Baby C has well. I’m sure other Mommas out there can appreciate a good diaper rash cream!


Sorry for the lame picture (and the dirty living carpet) but do me a favor and enter my giveaway anyways because even though I’ve been blogging for a year I have no idea how to make those cute giveaway images that other put together blogs have 😀

Please and thank you!


3 thoughts on “August 12th: Urgent Care and a Giveaway!

  1. I’m glad you got seen and that you’re feeling better. Ooh, I’d love to win as I’ve never tried that diaper rash ointment but want to! Happy blogaversary!


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