August 13th: A House Fire

This day started out like any other…




Nurse Baby C.

And ended not like any other.

My sister and I took the kids on a couple errands so they could each spend their “monies” and then we got some Mexican for lunch.

Hmmm, queso.

As we were leaving, I texted FirefighterDad asking if he wanted me to order something for him and drop it off at the station since he was working.

He texted right back saying they were having wings for dinner so He was all set.

As we were heading home, I asked him if we could stop by for a quick visit so my niece could see the trucks.

No reply.


I decided to drive by anyways but lo and behold, all the trucks were gone out on a call so we headed home.

Coming into our neighborhood, the main street was blocked by a police car and just past it were 2 fire trucks.

In my neighborhood.

I went right and drove around heading to my house and then we could see the smoke.

And smell it.

When I got onto my street it was obvious that the house fire was on the main road in our neighborhood.

5 houses down from my house.

I instantly knew FirefighterDad was out there fighting this fire.

We quickly learned everyone was out of the house including their two dogs and were safe.

After an hour or so, a police officer stopped by to let me know FirefighterDad was alright and cooling off in the bus. I thanked him and hung out at the house with my sister and the kiddos.

Eventually I heard from FirefighterDad and he was talking about the doctor wanting to keep him over night for observation.

This is when I realized “bus” meant ambulance.



To make a long story short, FFD is just fine. He was treated for heat exhaustion, got 4 bags of IV fluids, and went back to work after I dropped off dry and non-smokey clothes to him.

The whole FD worked their butts off to contain the fire and put it out. After two hours the fire was out, and after another couple of hours the scene was contained and secured for the night.

And ya’ll I am so moved by our community. Everyone has pulled together to give our neighbors everything from clothes to laptops, to linens to dog food and treats.

Our neighborhood is unbelievably generous, caring and a true community who knows what it means to love thy neighbor.

Please keep this family, our neighbors, our friends in your prayers.



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