Baby C’s First Run!

I suppose technically Baby C’s first run was shortly after I conceived. And then shortly after that, I ran a half marathon 5 weeks pregnant and I had a blast! It was my little secret (FirefighterDad knew of course); just me and my newly created child running for the pure joy of running.

In fact, that was my first ever race where I forgot my race bib. And I didn’t care. I didn’t stress. I simply ran for fun, for peace, for joy. I ran with my child.


During that race I thought a lot about my baby.

Would we have another boy? A girl?

What color eyes would he/she have?

What would their smile look like?

Thoughts like this kept me entertained and content during those 13.1 miles and even though that race wasn’t a PR, I have very find memories of it. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


Along with today’s run.

It was short and hot but I had a blast and the best company!

Today was Baby C’a first stroller run! And being able to see him, watch him, and talk to him was so awesome. It made me think about that race many months ago and feel so grateful, so happy, and so full to know who that child was at only 5 weeks.

I ran one loop around our neighborhood keeping it nice and relaxed and Baby C LOVED it! He was wide awake looking around and taking it all in. Towards the end, he closed his eyes and was getting tired and if it weren’t for being so hot and humid this morning, I would have gone a bit farther to help lull him to sleep.

Next time!

Here’s a quick break down:

1.31 miles

16:38 minutes

I ran the whole first mile which is improvement from my first two runs

And it is WAY easier pushing an 11 pound baby versus a 37 pound child.

I’m looking forward to many more runs with Baby C..he’s a great running partner!


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Solo runs or stroller runs?

Ever “race” pregnant?

Weekend plans?


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