Hello Soccer Season

Tomorrow kicks off our city’s soccer season with a 6:45pm practice for Brother I. It looks like he’ll have 2-3 practices a week, alternating between 5:45 and 6:45.

To make these evenings run a little smoother,  and to prevent hanger, I made some PB&J sandwiches and PB and honey (ran out of jelly) sandwiches and stashed them in the freezer along with a few cheese quesadillas. My plan is to use these for quick dinners before practice. Since we usually eat dinner at 6pm, I know there is no way Brother I is going to last that long without a half way decent meal. So dinner on the go it is!

I’m also planning on making pizza quesadillas, muffins, granola, and breakfast burritos for the freezer. This will give us a good variety of on the go dinners.

Once we get home and get baths done, I anticipate Brother I needing a snack before bed so I’m going to be sure to have fresh produce, yogurt and the like on hand. And if all else fails, there’s cereal – my quick go to when 4 year old hunger strikes!

I’m also hoping to use practice time as some built in running time for me…eventually. With every new routine it takes some time to get settled, but I think it would be an easy way to get a 20-30 minute easy run in. As of right now, I have one race every month for the rest of the year. None of these will be raced for a PR, but I still want to put in some work with training.


In other news, Baby C is proving to be quite the momma’s boy. Baby’s his age can’t be spoiled by being held (I firmly believe this), however he clearly prefers to be held rather than sit in his bouncy chair or on the floor. I find this preference most challenging when he’s asleep. He’s not able to soothe himself to sleep just yet so I’ll either nurse him to sleep or use a pacifier and pat his butt (#BabyMagic) and he’s out.

After holding him for 20-30 minutes to give him time to get into a deep sleep, I’ll lay Baby C down. Within minutes he stirs and wakes up….every.single.time.

So here in lies my challenge. Although I LOVE the snuggles, there are times I’d like to be a little productive.

You know, like peeing.

Or brushing my teeth.

I know he’ll eventually learn how to get comfy and stay asleep, and even self soothe, I just wonder if I should be doing things differently. And if I were to correct his age by 4-5 weeks (I had Baby C at 35 weeks 4 days) he’d be about a month old right now…and month old babies need to be held. They need that comfort.

So patience is the name of the game right now. And since Baby C is our last (MANY thoughts on this; blog post maybe?) I’m focusing on enjoying every snuggle, every moment with his weight in my arms because I know, too quickly this will pass.

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Mom’s/Dad’s, were/are your kid(s) good sleepers?

Any quick on the go receipes?

Any soccer players?


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