Insanity Day 1: Fit Test and Giveaway Winner!!

You know it’s going to be bad when the warm up is hard.

I was out of breath and sweating.

Is that normal for the warm up?

Anyways, I hopped onto the Struggle Bus this morning while Baby C was napping and started the 60 day Insanity program.

And Shaun T can kiss my white flabby ass.

Just kidding. 

Kind of.

Because Globe Jumps?! Really?!

I’m barely coordinated enough to do a jumping jack, let alone a jumping squat jack with a step back and a squat and then doing this in a circle…ya know, the globe part.

So I basically did squat jumps in a circle.

Also, push up jacks?! Really Shaun?! Really?!!

I can barely do one regular push up and you toss in a jack?

I attempted this knowing I wasn’t getting my body down low enough, but I gotta start somewhere right?

Other than those two exercises I did actually enjoy the fit test.

Don’t get me wrong…it was hard and I’m going to be sore for dayzzzzz.

But it was somewhat entertaining and it wasn’t the same old run of the mill push ups, crunches, and jumping jacks.

Now, lets talk about running.

It’s my first love. It’s always been there for me.

I’m not breaking up with running, I’m just having to take a temporary step back from it right now.

This season of life is busy with FirefighterDad’s work schedule plus EMT class, Brother I’s soccer practices and games, and not to mention Baby C wanting to be held, snuggled, and eat every 2-3 hrs. I know it will be hard to commit to a training plan of running 5 days a week and it will lead to disappointment on my end.

So I’m sad to say “not right now” to running and just fit them in when I can (I’m hoping for 3 runs a week – an easy run, a speed day, and a long run) and focus soley on some strength work. And even though I’m sad I’m not fully committing to running right now, I’m excited about Insnaity. I  REALLY want to give it a shot. I have seen the results and they are amazing. And the crazy thing about strength work….it will make me a better, stronger, and faster runner. So there’s that.

I will be posting my progress on here with some before and after pictures and measurements for those interested!

And since nutrition is so vital to a program like Insanity, I will be sharing my eats with you guys too, along with my thoughts on eating and exercise while breastfeeding.


And now for the giveaway winner!

There were 6 entries from 5 people. I put all entries on pieces of paper, tossed them into a bowl, and let Brother I pick one out. It’s not a fancy system, but it was all on the up and up. Promise!

And the winner…


Please email me your info so I can get your goodies in the mail to you!


7 thoughts on “Insanity Day 1: Fit Test and Giveaway Winner!!

  1. Woo-hoo!! I’m so excited I won!
    Good for you for starting a 60 day program! 😀 I’m trying different workouts at the moment, for two weeks at a time, to see which I’d like to stick with.


    • Hi! I’m pushing through. Life is busy right now and with a baby I’m having to be flexible sonive taken a few days off here and there, but I can tell I am getting stronger, and I need fewer and fewer breaks! Good luck and keep me posted on how you’re doing!

      Liked by 1 person

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