Insanity Day 2, 3, & 4

You guys, I have to say I’m REALLY enjoying Insanity!

It’s tough and it’s kicking my butt and I am so sore, but it’s actually really fun.

Here’s a quick run down of the past three days…

Day 2 was a Plyometric Cardio day. It was about 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down. I was pretty sore starting this workout but to my suprise after the warm up I actually felt better. Still sore, but I could at least move!

This day was broken up into 30 second intervals and included the warm up moves along with some fun sports related moves like vertical basketball jumps, and suicides. Overall, the variety of moves kept this day entertaining even if it did kick my ass.

Oh, plus Shaun T wasn’t wearing a shirt!

If he’s going to kick my ass I should at least be able to stare at his abs!

Day 3 was a Cardio Resistance day. I’m not sure how this differed from day 2 except the movies were different. We did 123’s which I finally nailed down, ski jumps which I really liked, and other complicated moves for the uncoordinated like me, but overall I enjoyed this day too!

I will say after this day, the one big negative to Insanity for me is the stretching during the cool down. It’s very yoga focused – which I like -but not after I just busted my ass with cardio and strength work. So for right now I’m doing my own stretching and attempting some of Shaun T’s moves. I figure it’s better to stretch the way I need too to avoid injury then attempting the yoga stretches.

Today, Day 4 was Cardio Recovery. It was shorter in length but also much slower paced. Even though it was recovery on the cardio, it was by no means a recovery of the strength work. Some of Shaun T’s moves are just really neat and I suprised myself and was able to do them! This day was a lot of leg and core work with Shaun’s typical yoga style stretching.

What I Like

It’s 60 days. This might be silly but P90x seems daunting because it’s 90 days! That’s 3 months ya’ll!! I don’t know why, but 60 days seems very doable.

Video time includes warm up and cool down. I tend to skip these on my own, so I’m really glad these are built in every day.

Time bar counts down the work out, and flashes reminders like “Go your own pace”, “Don’t sacrifice form”, “water break”, etc.

Lots of variety in the moves. Strength training was always boring to me because it was the standard push ups, crunches, planks, etc. Insanity has these in the videos but they are all different variations of the original. Also every day has different moves – I’m not getting bored that’s for sure!

The exercises work multiple muscles at the same time. I love this. It adds to the complexity of the moves, but also maximizes the workout time.

Shaun T talks the whole time during the routines explaining moves, proper form, giving pep talks and encouragement, and signaling for water breaks. I really like this and find the amount of talking he does is perfect – not too little, not too much, and not annoying at all.

And one of the best things, is I can do this right in my living room with no “tools” like weights, a mat, etc. It allows for flexibility with Baby C and my schedule.

What I don’t Like

The stretching. Shaun T uses a lot of yoga – which I love yoga – but 1. I’m not strong enough for the yoga stuff yet, and 2. I don’t feel the stretch. So I’m kinda on my own for this right now. I hope as I continue through the program the yoga/stretching will be beneficial.

Sometimes Shaun T wears a shirt. And sometimes he takes it off…and sometimes he doesn’t.

As you can see there isn’t much that I don’t like about Insanity. I highly reccomend it and am looking forward to Day 5 – Pure Cardio.


Have you done any of the Beachbody programs (P90x, Insanity, etc)?


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