Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio

Oh Shaun T how you hurt me.

Small glimpses of your abs while you’re kicking my butt with your sucides, power squats, and other butt-kicking routines is not cool…m’kay?

I really appreciated when you finally took your shirt off for good though.

And when you said you were getting tired and took a break! Thanks for keeping it real Shaun T.

And at the end of the workout when you said “this shit is bananas”….yeah I loved that too.

We can be best friends now.

Pure Cardio…I think this was the toughest workout yet because it had limited breaks (maybe just two water breaks), was fast paced, and had all the strength.

But I still enjoyed it and the time flew by!

I’m still really not liking the stretching routine but I do attempt some of the moves and then stretch on my own and go back into some of the video routines. Eh, it will work and at least I’m doing a warm up and cool down. I hear those are kind of important.

All in all, this shit was bananas!

A couple things to note:

1. By day 3 I noticed my muscle soreness was actually easing off! I was pleasantly surprised by this. I’m definitely still sore and some moves are harder to do because of it, but it’s way less than I thought it would be and I can function just fine.

2. The cardio part I think is harder for me then the strength part. Don’t get me wrong, the strength is kicking my butt and I’m doing moves I’ve never done before, but the fast paced nature of Insanity is tough. I will say I love getting strength and cardio in one workout though!

One more day, then a well deserved rest day!




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