Insanity Day 6

Today was the same Plyometric Cardio Circuit as day 2 and consisted of 30 second intervals.

I still really enjoyed the sports drills (basketball jumps, and football drills).

The ab workouts on this DVD are killer too and the ski abs are my favorite.

I also totally forgot about the kickboxing (?) routines, but these are really fun and something I’ve never done before. And it’s a great ab workout to boot!

After having done this workout once before, I would say I have made some improvement. I needed fewer breaks, was able to do some moves faster, and dug deeper. It was still a tough workout to keep up with, but I’m thrilled that after only 6 days I’m noticing some improvement.

Physically, I don’t see much difference in my body and I wasn’t really expecting to. I’m being more conscience with my food choices, but I’m still wondering if I’m eating properly to get the results I want. I guess time will tell.

Overall, I’d say this workout was tough – maybe a smidge easier than Pure Cardio because we get 30 second breaks, but it seemed tougher than the first time I did it. Which tells me I still dug deep and brought  it and that my body is adapting, getting stronger, but also still getting in a killer workout!

Tomorrow is a complete rest day which is perfect timing for my birthday!

Next week has some different workouts which I’m really excited to try!

6 down, 54 to go!


2 thoughts on “Insanity Day 6

  1. I Love insanity! It transformed working out for me. I use to be a straight up runner with no cross training, but with insanity I am stronger than ever! I love the max plyo- one of my favorites! Except the ski abs are in my opinion super difficult! I love the kickstand touch the floors for some reason. Thanks for posting- I’m excited to see how it all goes for you!


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