Tropical Storm Hermine (& Insanity Day 12)

Really quick….day 12 ended up being an impromptu rest day. For a lot of reasons…my knees were still sore, my back and hips were tight and sore, I was tired, oh and a tropical storm was barreling up the east coast. I could have easily done this workout but I took a rest day and will get back into it today with Pure Cardio.

Now let’s talk about Hermine.

Living on the east coast, we were expected to lose power. So I lowered my refrigerator and freezer setting a to their coldest setting (thanks mom for this tip!) and I packed my 80+ ounces of frozen breastmilk as best I could. I also lowered our AC a couple degrees in anticipation of power going out.

FirefighterDad also made sure we had flashlights…



and candles…


and plenty of water.


Ya’ll, I even scrubbed out my bath tub and filled it with water! Because you know, #alwaysbeprepared #youcanneverhavetoomuchwater #ilearnedallthisfromgrowingupinflorida

And then we waited.

FirefighterDad worked on his EMT course.

I tracked Hermine.

Brother I played with his puzzles and his K’Nex.


Both boys then watched as FirefighterDad took advantage of the power and played some video games.


#laundryonthecouch #reallife

And Baby C got in lots of naps and some good piano mat time.


So we waited.

And waited.

I was preparing for this….


And got this…


Since Hermine jutted just a liiitle north….we barely got anything at all. We did get some rain on and off throughout the day and had some wind gusts of 20-30mph, but the worst part was from 8:30 to 10:30 pm…and it was just some wind and rain. Nothing more than a thunderstorm.

I know Florida (what up home state?!) got hit hard with devastating storm surge and flooding and Hermine is still continuing her tour of the east coast, so my prayers are with everyone at this time. Please stay indoors and stay safe!



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