I’m Baaaack (ish)!



Okay I know what you’re thinking…where the h-e-double hockey sticks have you been?! 

And my answer is I’ve been here. Well not here here in the sense of this small space I own on the interwebs, but I’ve been here in the sense of, I am alive and well, and so our my children’s. Which is what really counts, am I right?!

Phew, I’m glad I got that cleared up.

So I last wrote in November and that’s basically like a year ago. I know I could update y’all on Christmas (Baby C’s first) and then New Year’s and all the days and months after that, but it’s a lot and I just don’t wanna.

Instead I’ll just pick up right here on this last day of March m’kay?


So here’s the thing, writing and parenting and Firefighter-wifing just got to be a bit much.

And writing a blog post wasn’t even on my radar. Because honestly who wants to know the inner workings and details of my life?

Exactly….no one really. Because y’all, I’m a SAHM and I’m LOVING it. I’m not PantsuitsMom, I’m YogaWearingMessyHairBunShowered4DaysAgoMom and I think deep down I didn’t know how to continue with this blog. A space I created to share with other women on how I achieved balance in my days. How I managed a career AND being a mom and how I LOVED it.

I kinda felt like a fraud. What wisdom did I have to share with you all?!

I could tell you how a 9 months old poop smells terrible.

I could tell you that farts are funny for kids…and evidently grown men.

I could tell you that baby fingernails should be a weapon of war.

I could tell you that boys’ feet stink…at 9 months, at 4 years old, and at 34 years old.

I could tell you that my kids eat food off of the floor.

I could tell you that my baby isn’t sleeping through the night.

And I could tell you that I know I’ll never regret the time home with my boys.

It’s a privilege to raise these boys of mine.

It’s a joy and I am grateful.

So what does that mean for this blog? I don’t know y’all.

I do know, I’ll still be here (sporadically maybe) as a Boy Mom and Firefighter Wife learning how to balance our adventures (can anyone say Kindergarten 😳).

Until next time!