Why am I Apprehensive about Social Media?

That title there…right up there ^….yep that one…

I actually Googled it.

For real.


Now that’s the million dollar question…

Because I don’t know why social media makes me uneasy. It’s all over the place between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, hashtag this hashtag that and amprisand this and amprisand that…I am literally (of course I’m meaning the use of literally in a purely figurative sense as we like to do…Sheldon Cooper would be SO annoyed right now) surrounded by it.

For crying out loud I stopped watching the news YEARS ago because it was depressing and really made me doubt the good in people and in the world.

But now, every major news station is not only on social media, but they RELY on it. News is told with hashtags and Facebook stauses. Social media is EVERYWHERE.

Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business with probably that many users. Instagram has over 500 million….500 MILLION users every.single.day.




That is a lot of people. I mean, a lot a lot.

And that is just one social media platform.

So I went to my trusty oracle, Google, to get an answer to my question because I couldn’t really put a finger on why I’m weary of social media.

Sure, there’s the stalker potential, serial killer potential, pedophiles, and so on. But I can rationalize these fears with numbers. Those people represent such a small percentage of social media users that I know this isn’t the root cause of my uneasiness.

Y’all, Google didn’t disappoint. He never does really. He is the all-knowing after all 😉

As the name would suggest, I’m weary of social media because it’s social.

This is obvious right? Like crazy obvious, but there it was bitch slapping me in the face with its obviousness, and it all clicked.

I’m a true introvert. I’m a private person. I have 3 close friends…yes 3 and I am 100% good with that. Yes I have other really good friends and acquaintances and neighbors. And contrary to what some may think about introverts, I have kick ass people skills. I’m not socially awkward, I don’t mind public speaking, and I even worked in technical roles that was very “peoplely”.

But alas, I am most definitely an introvert. I get anxiety just thinking and preparing for a large social gathering.

And to clarify, “large gathering” for this introvert is anymore than about 6 people.


Well no wonder I’m apprehensive about social media where there are millions to BILLIONS of people!

Social media is social. And sure I’m social, but I’m social when I choose and and with whom I choose. Social media, although there are privacy settings, has a unique way of making those 6 degrees of separation feel like 1.

That coupled with my tendency to be private and not outright trusting people upon meeting, I’ve uncovered the root of my social media angst.

Now, if you don’t mind, this gal needs a glass of wine.

Happy Monday Y’all!