21 Day Fix: 1 Week down, 2 to go

Happy Tuesday!

Im just gonna jump right in and say I’ve lost 3 lbs.

For realzzzz.

1 week into this 3 week journey and I’m down 3lbs, and a poopin machine which is really awesome. I finally feel “empty”. I don’t feel bloated or like I still need to go so this was an unexpected yet pleasant side effect that I’m contributing to Shakeology.

Okay so here are my Week 1 Thoughts:

1. The workouts are quick. Like super quick. There’s 2-3 mins of a warm up, 2-3 mins cool down leaving about 26 mins for heart pounding, sweaty workouts.

2. The workouts are tough! You’ll definitely feel your muscles burning and the are effective workouts targeting multiple muscles at the same time!

3. The proof is in the pudding as they say. But in the case of 21 Day Fix, I really believe the proof is in my diet. Following the portion containers is essentially to getting the desired results. The portion containers make it super simple to eat the right portions and the right kinda of food (hello fruits and veggies). The premise for 21 Day Fix is NOT tondiet but rather change our eating habits so the containers allow for a simple visual way of doing this without counting calories!

And my realizations thus far:

1. I eat a lot of carbs. Too many  in fact. I don’t eat bad carbs just too much. My portions have been WAY too large and as I go through this program, I realize I don’t need all the empty calories in the carbs I eat.

2. I don’t eat as many veggies or fruits as I thought. I would eat them at just about every meal, but unlike my carb portions, my produce portions were WAY too small. This has been enlightening.


3. My wine portions are on the order of 3 times larger than a standard portion. This is really sad because wine is essential. However, I’m learning to sip on a measly 4oz of wine and enjoy it…all 3 seconds of it. Kidding…kinda.

4. I really like my refined white sugar in my coffee. But refined sugar is bad, so in order to fully commit to these 21 days, I’m using a tsp of raw honey. I like my coffee sweeter but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. However, I think I might change to raw sugar after this round.

5. I eat a lot of protein. Like A LOT. I crave protein too. I’m still nursing Baby C so I’m wondering if that’s why I crave it, but I pretty much have a protein at every meal plus my Shakeology. Fortunately, for my calorie bracket I can have 4 red containers (protein) which works out nicely.

6. My PB portions were off the chart large. But I mean it’s PEANUT BUTTER! I have no comment on this except I’m trying…

7. And finally, I’m LOVING the program. Life’s is crazy busy with an almost one year old, a 5yo and  firefighter hubby working 24-48 hours at a time so 30 min workouts that are building muscle and a cardio workout to boot is just perfect.

And the most exciting  news…

I’m now a Beachbody Coach. After doing Insanity I fell in love with the programs and now after a week into 21 Day Fix I’m hooked. The workouts are creative, fun, tough, and multi-purposed. Not to mention, Beachbody has a TON of programs that allow for variety and opportunities to challenge every person.

If you have any interest (or just questions!) about 21 Day Fix or Beachbody let me know. I’m hosting a Workout Challenge Group starting June 19th. It will be 3 weeks long and we’ll be doing the 21 Day Fix program. I’ll be coaching everyone along, offering support, encouragement, and fun!


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