I Almost Became A Squirrel Murder Today

I almost became a squirrel murderer today.

Almost. Which is good because I just can’t handle having “squirrel murderer” on my conscience right now.

I dunno if these two squirrels were fighting over nuts, territory, or maybe one was a boy squirrel who is really into big bushy tails. Either way, I swerved and they ran back into a neighbor’s yard.

Disaster averted.

I also drove around my neighborhood like a crazed lunatic because Baby C fell asleep in the car. I know there are probably a million moms out there that have done this, but this was after I stopped at a cafe to grab a coffee and sat in their parking lot for 20 minutes thinking Baby C would wake up any minute.

The minutes passed, and the baby snored.

I can only imagine how pissed those small business owners were looking out their window and seeing me wasting time on my phone. If only they knew the struggle of a sleeping baby in the car.

So this post is random. Did I mention that already? *scrolls up*

Ah, nope I didn’t. Okay, so this post is going to be random – consider yourself warned. My mind is a jumbled mess between parenting, SAHMing, and flat out adulting. I’m convinced now there’s really an aliment called “SAHM Crazies”. And ya’ll I’m sufferin’ something fierce.

I want to be creative. Think, plan, solve….I don’t even know what I want. I do know I have got to get out of this house some more. And I do know I am not ready to face corporate world yet. But ya’ll oh how I miss managing projects. All the moving pieces – making order out of chaos.

Now if only I can make order out of the chaos that is my (recently turned) 5 year old. Seriously, being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had.

Okay, I’m getting a little off track here (see the crazies I tell ya!). So being creative, that I can do with this here blog. Oh, but what a can of worms this blog is.

See, I had a niche to write about. A corporate mom who had it all! I worked full time, raised kids, and LOVED it. And now the struggle bus has picked me up and plopped me in a big ol’ heapin’ pile of multiple identities. And now I don’t know what this blog is anymore. What do I write about? How can I inspire other working moms, and SAHM moms, and just MOMS?

You know the women in yoga pants, with unwashed hair, and the crazed look in their eyes? Ha…kidding.


So, here I am pretty much avoiding this little space of the internet because I dunno where to go with it. One day I’m on the right side of the proverbial fence and I’m all “Yes! Lets do this! I can write about whatever the heck I wanna write about!” And the other days, I’m on the left side of the fence, in the fetal position rocking back and forth, saying “Make it go away. Make it go away!”

And that’s where you come in.

What do you want me to write about?

What do you want to read? What do you like about this blog?

Also, why your at it, when you’re done fixing my “blog content direction” problem, will you also let me know what I should call this blog? M’kay thanks.

I’m a once-was pant suit wearing working mom, I’m a now-wearing yoga pants SAHM. I’m a boy mom, a firewife, a runner, a chemist, a project manager. I’m a sister, daughter, friend. I’m an introvert living in an extroverts world. I’m a sarcastic coffee lover and wine drinker. I’m an essential oil user, naturalist, and fitness enthusiast. I’m a neighbor, I’m a homeowner, I’m a down to earth southerner. I’m me. A hot mess me.

Just plain ol’ me. 

  1. What content would you like to see here?
  2. Help a gal out… if you were to rename this blog, what would it be?
  3. Answer questions 1 and 2 in the comments!
  4. 4. Seriously, please answer questions 1 and 2.
  5. Okay, ya’ll for real now, I expect a lot of comments with your ideas!





Let’s Catch Up


Okay before you get all where the hell have you been PantsuitsMom, let me just say I know.

And I’m sorry.

Life has been crazy and I just needed to take a step back so I could keep my head above water.

So I’m gonna update you, but I’m warning…this might get long so grab a cup of coffee, or wine – no judgement here, and I’ll get started.

1. Took a trip to Florida in mid September so my folks could meet Baby C. Baby C cried the entire 10 hour drive turned 13 hour drive. Seriously. It was awful and I don’t want to talk about. The visit itself was great and Baby C is my parents’ 5th grandbaby.

2. While in Florida I ran my first race post Baby. A local 5k and I had a blast. It hurt like hell but my mom came out and stayed with the boys and it was awesome – my mom has always been my biggest running cheerleader.

3. When I got home I started to get back into our normal routine. School drop offs and pick ups, laundry, dishes etc. Then on Tuesday I walked back into the house and had a flood. My laundry room had about 3 inches of standing water!! WTF?!


Might be hard to see but I promise you…water. Lots and lots of water.

4. Then Wednesday came along and Hurricane Matthew was practically knocking on my front door. So in the end I packed up my car, both kids and all 3 dogs and stayed with my aunt and uncle. A good time was had by all.

5. Mid October then brings us to Baby C’s 4 month update. Smiling, cooing, sleeping through the night (even a few nights of 8hrs!), loving baths, being held and hating his car seat! Still batteling reflux but this chunkster clocked in at 17lbs 2oz!

6. 33rd birthday for FirefighterDad! He had to work so Brother I helped me bake a cake and decorate it which we took to the fire station!


7. Apples, apples, apples. When I returned from my quick hurricane evacuation my house was exploding with bananas, apples, and oranges. I froze most of the bananas, the oranges are going in beer (don’t judge) and the apples became two pies for Thanksgiving!


8. Shortly after this, Mable got out of the backyard and was gone for 4 days!! I was a wreck. A hot mess. I searched, I drove, I put up flyers, I cried, I prayed. Finally the animal society where I had filed a lost animal report had her!! I got her that morning and that night she chewed a hole in our privacy fence and took off down the street. I shit you not. Thank goodness I noticed and was able to get her but it’s become very clear that she’s not happy in our home, so we are fostering her and looking for a forever home for her. During this time we also got our leaking water heater replaced and the pump on our washing machine fixed.

9. The end of October was obviously Halloween. We had a baby Dalmatian and a Ninja turtle! A great time we all had!


10. Early November was a blur of catching up on laundry and yet again getting back into normal post-loosing Mable and realizing she needs a new home.

11. Election Day. 2 hours. Vote cast. ‘Nuff said.

12. Blurr of shift days, OT, EMT class, ride alongs, wine, beer, lemon drops. Life.

13. Yesterday I ran my second race post Baby!! A half marathon! My slowest half ever but I had a blast! I quickly found a group of ladies to run/walk it with and I had a great time! Time flew by until about mile 9.5 then I was doing everything I could to keep the cramping at bay. It was tough. But it was glorious. And best part, all 3 of my boys were at the finish line cheering me on!

14. Today was suppose to be family pics that got rained out. The sweet photographer is willing to reimburse me so besides a little annoyance we made the best of it by snapping some selfies. Lemons into lemonade I tell ya!

15. And finally, tomorrow Baby C will be 5 months. I just can’t even…

Ya’ll that’s all I have for you.

P.S. At some point the guest blog post from my sis will go up (bless her heart I have nagged and nagged and nagged and I still haven’t posted it two months later. Oops).

P.P.S. Oh yeah, I quit Insanity. I missed running so I focused on that, and well, the above 15 are my excuses.

P.P.P.S During all this time I did win my first ever blog giveaway so there’s that!! Thanks Living Lighter in Atlanta!

Until next time ya’ll!

August 13th: A House Fire

This day started out like any other…




Nurse Baby C.

And ended not like any other.

My sister and I took the kids on a couple errands so they could each spend their “monies” and then we got some Mexican for lunch.

Hmmm, queso.

As we were leaving, I texted FirefighterDad asking if he wanted me to order something for him and drop it off at the station since he was working.

He texted right back saying they were having wings for dinner so He was all set.

As we were heading home, I asked him if we could stop by for a quick visit so my niece could see the trucks.

No reply.


I decided to drive by anyways but lo and behold, all the trucks were gone out on a call so we headed home.

Coming into our neighborhood, the main street was blocked by a police car and just past it were 2 fire trucks.

In my neighborhood.

I went right and drove around heading to my house and then we could see the smoke.

And smell it.

When I got onto my street it was obvious that the house fire was on the main road in our neighborhood.

5 houses down from my house.

I instantly knew FirefighterDad was out there fighting this fire.

We quickly learned everyone was out of the house including their two dogs and were safe.

After an hour or so, a police officer stopped by to let me know FirefighterDad was alright and cooling off in the bus. I thanked him and hung out at the house with my sister and the kiddos.

Eventually I heard from FirefighterDad and he was talking about the doctor wanting to keep him over night for observation.

This is when I realized “bus” meant ambulance.



To make a long story short, FFD is just fine. He was treated for heat exhaustion, got 4 bags of IV fluids, and went back to work after I dropped off dry and non-smokey clothes to him.

The whole FD worked their butts off to contain the fire and put it out. After two hours the fire was out, and after another couple of hours the scene was contained and secured for the night.

And ya’ll I am so moved by our community. Everyone has pulled together to give our neighbors everything from clothes to laptops, to linens to dog food and treats.

Our neighborhood is unbelievably generous, caring and a true community who knows what it means to love thy neighbor.

Please keep this family, our neighbors, our friends in your prayers.


Welcome Baby C!

I’m going to attempt to give a brief birth story with somewhat-ish details so if you get scrimmage or don’t want to hear about cervical dilation, feel free to skip this post!

On Tuesday June 14th I had my routine OB appointment. I had been holding steady at 4cm and 80% effaced for about a week and half at this point. All my restrictions were lifted so I took advantage of the pool and took multiple walks a day hoping to get things moving. I knew sitting at 4cm, once labor really kicked in, things would go fast and my OB agreed.

So I arrived at my appointment and was 4cm and 90%. It was a change, although a small one so my doc put me on the monitors. From the moment she checked me, things were different. My back ached, my uterus tightness was constant, and the contractions now had a definitive start and stop to them. I also found myself needing to constantly move. I was swaying and pacing and when I got on the monitors sitting still just was not an option.

Unfortunately, standing and moving around, Baby C didn’t look good on the monitor. So I was quickly taken back for an ultrasound. A biophysical was done and Baby C got an 8/10…he looked great.

Back to the waiting room I went swaying, walking, and pacing trying to relieve the contractions. At this point the pain wasn’t unbearable. Moving or leaning over something and swaying actually felt good, but what I was experiencing was so different from previous weeks. I had a hunch I had progressed significantly.

I went back to the exam room and while waiting for my doc for about 15 minutes I counted 14 contractions. Quickly in between contractions my doc checked me again and I was 6 cm and 100% effaced! This all occurred within an hour!

So my doctor said “you’re getting your wish. Let’s go have a baby”. I was scared, nervous, excited, and SO ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Here’s where logistically it gets a little interesting. I drove myself to my doc’s office and fortunately it’s right next to the hospital. However, FirefighterDad was on shift. I had texted him a bit while being monitored and told him baby looked great on the ultrasound and that I was feeling different so he had an idea that this might be the day.

As I drove the 30 seconds to the hospital, I called FirefighterDad and told him we were having a baby! Maybe it’s men, or maybe he was distracted but he asked when. I emphatically replied NOW! I told him I was going to the hospital and I was 6 cm. From our experience, we knew this part of labor I would fly through so I told him he needed to hurry. Fortunately his Chief was understanding and he made great time.

The hospital was prepping for me and C and I quickly changed (how much do you hate those hospital gowns?! They are always SO big!) I got my IV which wasn’t so bad since I asked for a smaller gauge. Up until then I was dreading the IV more than pain of childbirth! My veins don’t hold up well to them.

The doctor on call checked me and I was 7 cm and having contractions every minute. At this point my pain was about 4-5. I was able to very easily breathe through the contractions. I would close my eyes, bend over the bed and sway and breathe through them. In between them I felt great. At one point my labor stalled a bit but moving around the room picked it up and my pain increased to a 6-7 but I was still very easily able to move through the contractions.

I would alternate between the birth ball, bending over the bed and swaying, and walking. I felt really relaxed and in control the whole time and every nurse commented on how relax and calm I was especially for being 7 cm. They all knew I didn’t want an epidural (again catheter in spinal cavity? No thank you I’d rather deal with the pain. Maybe I’m a chicken but anyone who gets an epidural is amazing bc it scared me too much) and were really impressed with my demeanor. It was really calm though- so calm FirefighterDad even caught a quick nap on the couch!

Quickly, I noticed I had more pelvic pressure and a nurse checked me and said I was 8.5-9. The doctor came in to confirm and she said I still felt about 7 cm. so she broke my water.

Having my water broken is fine but after that I knew the pain was going to be bad. Like bad with a capital B. The amniotic fluid acts as a cushion during contractions, so without it, the real intensity of contractions are felt, at least for me. The first contraction came and it was intense. I knew laboring on my back wasn’t an option so I turned around on my knees facing the back of the bed which a nurse had raised so I could rest my arms on it and I labored like that. Another contraction hit and my pain was topping the scales at a 9-10. It’s a pain that you just want to runaway from. My contractions were only about 60 seconds but those 60 seconds seemed like forever.

At some point I got unbearably hot and took off both my gowns (I was using the second one as a robe since the room was chilly) and just labored in my sports bra. At that point the pain was so bad and I was so hot I didn’t care that people could see my bare bum! The doctor came in and checked me real quick and I was 8 cm.

A couple contractions later and I needed to push. It was an uncontrable action. I screamed at FirefighherDad that I had to push and he got the nurse. The doctor quickly came back and still on my knees facing the back of the bed, I was bearing down and pushing through another contraction. With Brother I, I never felt this so I was a little freaked out and remember saying that I never felt this before and I was a bit freaked out. The nurses reassured me and I could see the doctor getting her shoe covers on and some paper scrubs.

With the next contraction my body neared down and pushed and Baby C’s head was crowning. I remember saying “there’s the head!” And the doctor checked and said “yep there’s his head”.

The doctor and nurses were trying to get me to turn around so they could take the bottom of the labor and delivery bed off. My back labor was so bad I made it about 20 secs before getting back on my knees. The doctor got those awful blue calf stirrup things out and I said “No I don’t want to use those. With my older son I had no leverage to push” her and the nurses were great because although it was clear I had to push on my back, I was sitting up more and my doctor got the foot pedals out and handles! It was perfect. My legs were lower then my body, instead of being higher like the calf stirrups, and I had all the leverage in the world by being able to use my legs and arms and 4-5 pushes later Baby C was born screaming!

I remember my doctor saying he was a big baby for his gestational age (35.4) and probably close to 7 pounds. I was just so relieved and kept saying “I’m holding him, I’m holding him.”

I also kept asking if he was okay and if he was breathing. I remember it as me asking 2-3 times but FirefigterDad told me I probably asked a dozen times and everyone in the room, him, the nurses, my doctor, the nursery nurses, all kept saying yes he’s perfect he’s crying and he’s pink. And I do remember how pink Baby C was but I guess in high adrenaline situations I get auditory tunnel vision because I don’t really remember Baby C crying. I know he did, but I can’t remember hearing him. And once he got to the warming bed he was silent and that was so disconcerting for me, because Brother I was born grey and not breathing. But everyone assured me he was so pink and breathing just fine.

After delivering the placenta, Baby C was placed skin to skin on my chest. Because his blood sugars were low and my bleeding was a little more than my doctor preferred, we hung out in our labor and delivery room for a bit.

I nursed Baby C and just marveled in holding my baby.

From the time my water was broken Baby C was born an hour later weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long.



Stay tuned for Big Brother I meeting Baby C and Oasis 235.

35.4 and an Update

Its been a few weeks and that’s because Baby Boy has arrived! I will try to get to a birth story here shortly, but he’s here happy and healthy and such a good baby!!

I made it to 35 weeks and 4 days which surpassed the 33 weeks and 5 days I made it with Diapers. Baby Boy came out pink and screaming which was unbelievable for me. I held him immediately and got 3 glorious precious days with my boy. And best of all no NICU, and my baby came home WITH me.

It took us a couple days to actually settle on a name for him. FirefighterDad and I had a short “list”, for lack of a better word, of names we both liked, but honestly, none of them were screaming at me. I had a favorite but FirefighterDad wasn’t thrilled with it, and when Baby Boy was born he just didn’t fit the name. Or the name didn’t fit him. Either way on day 2 we settled on a name and for the purpose of keeping this blog anonymous to protect my family and kids, I will call him C, or Baby C, or Little Brother C, or Lil Bro C…you get the idea.

And speaking of blog names, I have decided to change Diaper’s. I originally went with Diapers because it fit the motif of my blog, but lets be real – he no longer wears diapers. And he’s four. He’s practically packed up and headed to college. Maybe I am being a little dramatic, but either way it doesn’t fit him anymore, so as happens with time, I have decided to change his name from Diapers to I. I imagine I might refer to him as Big Brother I, or Mr. I, or Brother I, etc etc. So heads up!

In other news, I have managed two shift days now with the boys, I have done school drop offs and picks for I with Baby C tagging along, and my house isn’t in complete ruin. I have laundry that needs to be done, and dogs that need to be walked, and dishes that need to be done, but snuggling with C is taking front and center right now, because this stage goes by too quickly.

I often find myself comparing I’s newborn stage to C’s newborn stage. To be clear, I’m not comparing my boys, but rather my experience and going from 1 kid to 2 kids. And honestly the difference is night and day. Obviously Brother I was in the NICU so EVERYTHING was different. I used a pump from the get-go, skin to skin was limited during NICU visits, I never got 2-3 days of alone time with Mr. I to get to know him. I got to know him through procedures, tubes, wires, and visits. And it wasn’t bad. It was hard. VERY hard. But my heart burst open with love for I the instant I held him, and navigating the NICU was just something I had to do. When I came home, I just felt like he was ALWAYS discontent. Like ALWAYS. he was always wanting to nurse, or be held, and he rarely slept. I sleeping for 30 minutes was considered a success.

My experience with Baby C has been completely different. C came out breathing with fantastic APGARS of 8 and 9. For comparison’s sake I’s were 2 and 3. I held C right away, I nursed C right away, and I had skin to skin right away. Then I got 3 unbelievable days with C. Bottom line is, I got to know C. Like really know him. I know when he wants to eat, when he needs to burp, and when he’s going to poop. I know his cry, his noises, I know him. And although I got to know I, with C its just been easier. that’s been the real difference. C is simply easier. And who knows if it was the 2 extra weeks of pregnancy, or the 3 days, or no NICU. I think its a combo of all 3.

All I know, is that even though both experiences have been completely different, I am totally, completely, soul-defining, and life-changingly in love with both of my boys. C definitely completes our family and I is an incredible big brother.

Stay tuned for C’s birth story!


*Reading through this post I now can see how confusing using I for Diapers can be since I am also referring to myself as I…so consider this the fine print and I reserve the right to change I’s blog name/initial again*

An Update in List Form

I have lots to share and my mind is mush so it’s going to be a list today…

Pregnancy: ya’ll, yesterday marked the longest I have EVER been pregnant – 33 weeks and 6 six days. Today I am exactly 34 weeks and this baby is still cooking! And I am oh so grateful. And I am oh so DONE. This has been a very tough road. On one hand I am so happy he’s healthy and thriving and still growing but on the other hand I am crampy, contractiony, back achy, pelvic pressury and have a baby bouncin’ on my cervix (ouch!). I am SO ready to meet this little boy, count his fingers and toes, see his nose and hair and give him a name and bring him home to his family. I’ve stopped all medications and plan to get a little house cleaning done and it take it a day at a time.

Here are a few stats:

34 weeks

17lb weight gain

No stretch marks

Belly button is poking out at the top only

I can’t see my toes

Having another BOY!

Due date is July 15th

Mable: my last post I introduced you to my sweet Mable (which btw means “loveable” and is such a fitting name for her!) and I have good news! She’s good to come home!! Her bladder repair surgery went SO well and she’s urinating a full bladder’s worth ON.HER.OWN. She’s also pooping on her own. Although she doesn’t have full rectal control, she has a lot more than a couple weeks ago and gets into position and poops! This is huge because it means her nerves are healing and are not completely dead! She’s still recieving TLC (read: spoiled rotten) at the vet office and even has free range to roam around on occasion. Her fractures seem to be healing nicely and are definitely not slowing her down. We need to get a couple other things lined up like a meet and greet with our two current dogs and getting Mable her own crate but I do have a collar and leash ordered for her! She’s coming home! Here’s a picture overload for your enjoyment!

Baby Prep: ya’ll, my freezer could feed the Chinese army. Or at least my family during a zombie apocalypse. Seriously it’s kinda insane. BUT having gone through the newborn stage once with round the clock nursing and very little sleep, I know I won’t regret all the food I have prepared. My mom and I worked leisurely these past couple weeks on a few final things: chicken casseroles, banana bread, and french toast which I got zero pictures of. I know – a professional blogger I am not. We also made some beef based dishes. Meatloaf, meatballs, hamburger patties, and chili!

I decided it would be easier for me to already have meat prepared versus pounds of ground beef in the freezer. So the meatloaf, meatballs, and hamburger patties were seasoned, formed and frozen raw. All I have to do is toss it in the oven or on the grill. The chili was cooked and simmered ALL DAY then cooled overnight in the fridge and portioned into zip lock bags for an easy meal. Outside of cooking and eventually some cleaning (my nesting doesn’t like the cleaning) there hasn’t been much else in terms of baby prep. I have the essentials in my room and the nursery is sort of together. The crib is in the room in pieces, the old tv is out of there, and the futon is folded up (as a couch vs a bed) and all of Baby Boy’s clothes are washed and in his drawers but honestly that’s been it. I want to get it all done and have a Pintrest worthy nursery but the truth is I hurt. A lot. All day every day and the reality is, it will be easier to do some of this not pregnant. And Baby Boy won’t need his crib/room immediately after coming home. So there’s time. At least I keep telling myself this.

Summer/Diapers/FirefighterDad: okay hands down summer is my favorite season. I love it all – the sunshine, the warmth, the pools, beaches, BBQs, being outside, watermelon, sprinklers, white puffy clouds…agh I could go on and on. The only thing I don’t like are the mosquitos but I am religious with sunscreen and bug spray so it’s a small sacrifice for a couple months.

With that said, Diapers has been practicing riding his bike (with training wheels). This is something I really want him to master before his brother arrives so the 3 of us can take walks! He got the bike for Christmas and was all like “no way”. Well a lot of encouragement and 6 months later he’s getting it. It’s not perfect, but we did make it around the half mile loop we have in our neighborhood. Progress! There has also been a lot of scootering, sidewalk chalk and playground time. I hope to get to the pool and beach more now that water temps are more reasonable and I even signed Diapers up for a free summer bowling program and our local library’s reading program. I figure since I’m not working full time right now (and for the next foreseeable future) I am going to take advantage of this staying-at-home-mom-gig!

FirefighterDad is doing well also and is extremely busy. His department is crazy short staffed so that means overtime and crazy hours. Plus he’s taking a class on the weekends so time with him now is limited, but by the time Baby Boy arrives, his schedule won’t be so hectic. A small sacrifice now for more time later.

And that’s all the update I have for you.


Now fill me in – what are your summer plans?!

Hard Reality

I’ve been hesitant to share this information because my heart is already SO invested, and in some weird way, if I share this news, then I am getting more invested.

But then I realize, this is just crazy talk. Because the fact of the matter is, my heart is already 100% captivated.

And should things take a turn for the worse, at least I can be real and authenticate on here too and have some extra support.

So here’s my news:

This is Mable.




Mableine Midnight is her full name; Mabel for short. Isn’t she just the sweetest?!

Mabel was found on the side of the road by a fellow firefighter that works with FirefighterDad. Knowing I’m a huge dog-lover, FirefighterDad sends me a picture


Doesn’t she just have the sweetest face? 

Evidently, Mabel came right up to the firefighter and he was able to pick her up and put her in his truck. He then took her to the station and FirefighterDad got her over to our vet.

Mabel is still at my local vet healing. She was hit by a car almost two weeks ago and this sweet girl has gone through A LOT. Like a lot A LOT.

She has a broken pelvis and sacrum, had to get spayed because the impact of the car caused the placentas to detach from her uterus – so yes her puppies couldn’t be saved. This caused intense hemorraging and infection so a spay was our only option to help save Mable.

As Mable was recovering from this surgery, the vet found out Mable is urinary and fecal incontinent. This is due to nerve damage. For dogs, a large bundle of nerves runs through the sacrum. These nerves control the anal sphincter muscle, bladder muscles, the tail and the hind quarters. Our vet got a second opinion on Mabel’s prognosis and the reality is we won’t know if this is permanent damage or temporary unless we give her body time to heal. So at a minimum, we wait for 30 days. She has a lot of swelling and naturally a lot of trauma on her backend. We’re praying this is temporary and if she doesn’t get 100% function back, we’re hoping she gets enough where she has a great quality of life.

Then, in the midst of getting the second opinion on Mabel’s nerve damage, the vet informed me Mabel’s bladder ruptured. Mabel became sick very very quickly. Ultimately a decision needed to be made ASAP – exploratory surgery to see if the bladder was repairable, or letting her go. Here is when I started crying buckets because my heart hurt. Mabel is the sweetest little girl and probably only 2-3 years old. She has SO much life left to live.

FirefighterDad and myself, along with my mom and a couple other firefighters went up to see Mabel and say our good byes. The decision was ultimately made to try the surgery and should Mabel’s condition be too far gone, the vet would let her go on the table. We decided this was the most humane way to handle any unexpected complications, but it also gave Mabel a solid fighting chance.

This is getting to be a really long post but in the end Mabel pulled through surgery beautifully! And the vet said it was a really simple repair and more than likely Mabel had a compromised part of her bladder from the impact of the car, so her bladder was a ticking time bomb.

I went  to go see Mabel the next day and she looked SO much better. She was resting comfortably and was even eating!

When I would pet her and love on her, she would relax her head on my hand and doze off a little.


The instant I pulled my hand back or stopped petting her, she would open her eyes and lift up her head like “why’d you stop?”


One of the vet techs said she’s very needy and likes her pets. And to that, I say yes she is but rightly deserved!

The vet office was closed yesterday so I couldn’t go see my sweet girl, but the game plan was to continue IV fluids and antibiotics, continue oral pain meds since she was willingly eating (!) and let her rest. Her IV fluids were able to be lowered because her kidney values were heading in the right direction. So all this is positive and Mabel is a tough little girl. I’m going to go give her a visit and some well earned pets today!

Please keep Mabel in your thoughts as she continues this long road of recovery. She’s not out of the woods yet, but she is proving to be a very tough dog and has captured my heart.


Any other dog owners/dog-lovers?

Anyone have funny/sweet dog stories to share?