I Almost Became A Squirrel Murder Today

I almost became a squirrel murderer today.

Almost. Which is good because I just can’t handle having “squirrel murderer” on my conscience right now.

I dunno if these two squirrels were fighting over nuts, territory, or maybe one was a boy squirrel who is really into big bushy tails. Either way, I swerved and they ran back into a neighbor’s yard.

Disaster averted.

I also drove around my neighborhood like a crazed lunatic because Baby C fell asleep in the car. I know there are probably a million moms out there that have done this, but this was after I stopped at a cafe to grab a coffee and sat in their parking lot for 20 minutes thinking Baby C would wake up any minute.

The minutes passed, and the baby snored.

I can only imagine how pissed those small business owners were looking out their window and seeing me wasting time on my phone. If only they knew the struggle of a sleeping baby in the car.

So this post is random. Did I mention that already? *scrolls up*

Ah, nope I didn’t. Okay, so this post is going to be random – consider yourself warned. My mind is a jumbled mess between parenting, SAHMing, and flat out adulting. I’m convinced now there’s really an aliment called “SAHM Crazies”. And ya’ll I’m sufferin’ something fierce.

I want to be creative. Think, plan, solve….I don’t even know what I want. I do know I have got to get out of this house some more. And I do know I am not ready to face corporate world yet. But ya’ll oh how I miss managing projects. All the moving pieces – making order out of chaos.

Now if only I can make order out of the chaos that is my (recently turned) 5 year old. Seriously, being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had.

Okay, I’m getting a little off track here (see the crazies I tell ya!). So being creative, that I can do with this here blog. Oh, but what a can of worms this blog is.

See, I had a niche to write about. A corporate mom who had it all! I worked full time, raised kids, and LOVED it. And now the struggle bus has picked me up and plopped me in a big ol’ heapin’ pile of multiple identities. And now I don’t know what this blog is anymore. What do I write about? How can I inspire other working moms, and SAHM moms, and just MOMS?

You know the women in yoga pants, with unwashed hair, and the crazed look in their eyes? Ha…kidding.


So, here I am pretty much avoiding this little space of the internet because I dunno where to go with it. One day I’m on the right side of the proverbial fence and I’m all “Yes! Lets do this! I can write about whatever the heck I wanna write about!” And the other days, I’m on the left side of the fence, in the fetal position rocking back and forth, saying “Make it go away. Make it go away!”

And that’s where you come in.

What do you want me to write about?

What do you want to read? What do you like about this blog?

Also, why your at it, when you’re done fixing my “blog content direction” problem, will you also let me know what I should call this blog? M’kay thanks.

I’m a once-was pant suit wearing working mom, I’m a now-wearing yoga pants SAHM. I’m a boy mom, a firewife, a runner, a chemist, a project manager. I’m a sister, daughter, friend. I’m an introvert living in an extroverts world. I’m a sarcastic coffee lover and wine drinker. I’m an essential oil user, naturalist, and fitness enthusiast. I’m a neighbor, I’m a homeowner, I’m a down to earth southerner. I’m me. A hot mess me.

Just plain ol’ me. 

  1. What content would you like to see here?
  2. Help a gal out… if you were to rename this blog, what would it be?
  3. Answer questions 1 and 2 in the comments!
  4. 4. Seriously, please answer questions 1 and 2.
  5. Okay, ya’ll for real now, I expect a lot of comments with your ideas!





Insanity Day 11 and a bunch of randomness

Day 11 done. Not much to report here. It was a recovery day and I took “recovery” to an extreme.

Now for randomness…

1. My scalp hurts ya’ll! With Insanity I was washing my hair every day but after almost two weeks of this my scalp got so tender and it hurts now! I also have little bumps…maybe I’m allergic to my shampoo? Needless to say, I’m not using shampoo every day now and brushing my hair VERY carefully.

2. Once upon a time I made homemade granola. And it has changed my life. And my sister’s. And now I can’t eat yogurt without granola.

3. Just this morning I learned that oatmeal has protein in it!!! Who knew?! I’m aiming to get in 100 grams of protein a day while doing Insanity so moral of the story…read nutrition labels.

4. Yesterday was soccer practice. I love my Bugaboo (Brother I). He warms my heart and made me a mommy. But right now, my only goal in life is to get through soccer practice without tears.

5. Hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions…oh my. I live on the southern east coast….Labor Day will be rain and more rain.

And a couple pictures of my boys

What shampoo do you use?

Are you a fan of granola in your yogurt?

What are your Labor Day plans?

Random post + what I’ve been up to + some pictures

So bedresting is getting harder and harder. I’m getting antsy, I have the most uncomfortable couch ever, and I am getting antsy.

So, every once in a while I get up and do something productive…

I have scoured Pintrest for firefighter themed DIY decorations for Diapers’ birthday party and came out successful.

We made pretzel matchsticks


Then made a “fire truck, ambulance, police car” cake at Diapers’ request


with a real graham cracker house on fire! We also had “fire hoses” (twizzlers), “fire balls” (Cheeto balls), and “fire truck tires” (mini chocolate donuts) in the goodie bags.

Diapers requested “construction” sheets for his big boy bed so Nana came through and found some really cute ones at a decent price (who knew full size sheets were so expensive?!) for his bday. That meant his bed had to get out together. Not to mention the crib kinda needs to get out together for Baby Boy too.

So here’s the bed progress:

Since Diapers is in the 85+% for his height, and we didn’t want to buy tons of beds/furniture, FirefighterDad and I decided to go ahead and buy a full size bed. It’s about the biggest bed that will fit in Diapers’ room and gives him TONS of growing room. Plus this captain’s day bed came with able storage and we got it during a close out sale which means we got a FANTASTIC deal!

Diapers’ room also needed some organizing. His toys were in open baskets and canvas totes for years but that meant when he cleaned up, toys got mixed up and tossed into random totes/trucks/cubbies/etc and it drove.me.nuts. So a few bucks for plastic containers and some organizing, his toys and closet looked SO much better!

The first picture is his shelf of books and containers of toys and the second of his closet. I wish I would have gotten some before pictures, but just trust me, this is a million times better!!

We also got down and dirty and fixed my washing machine! It was going off balance on every load and really concerning me because we can’t exactly afford a new one. Since FirefighterDad was working overtime and busy, my mom and I decided we could fix it after viewing some YouTube videos and investigating the problem. The BEST part?! It cost me $0.00! So I found the tension rods online at a store that takes payment through PayPal. Remember all those grocery rebate apps I use? Well, I had over $100 in my Paypal account so the $70 parts were FREE! I love repairs like that!

Here’s my awesome Mom hard at work as I stand by all preggo snapping pics.


There’s also been some cooking. I’d like to have a stocked freezer for when Baby Boy arrives and I loath wasting food and I had some left over hamburger and hotdog buns that need to be eaten so I introduced my mom to my French toast casserole. This was by far my best one. Even though buns aren’t all that healthy, they make a great casserole!


There’s also been pool days, dog baths, and sun soaking because I can only watch so much Netflix and sitting inside.

Speaking of Netflix, I recently found Hart of Dixie. Any other recommendations?

And one final pic – a belly shot of Baby Boy at 27 weeks.


I will be 30 weeks on Friday. He’s still cookin’!

Fill me in on what’s been happening with you!

Identity Crisis

I’m feeling like a fraud. I’m no longer a working mom in the corporate world and I don’t have a hectic schedule. So I’ve been toying with the idea of giving my blog a new name, but I’m pretty sure that’s a HUGE no-no in the blogging world. That coupled with changing domain name, branding/image, etc I just.dont.know.

I have a good idea of what I would rename my blog as, and it’s much more general and I could then wrote about anything including corporate America and my career should that time come, BUT then I’m just another mommy blogger. Which I don’t have anything against, but ya know, internet traffic. What sets my blog apart from the other mommy blogs?

I’m not really looking at making money off of my blog because let’s be honest I’d have to blog more than once a month, BUT if the opportunity arises, I wouldn’t say no. On that same line, I have been seriously considering doing some freelance writing. I love writing, I have varied interests, experiences, perspectives, and qualifications and would love to bring in some additional income while I’m navigating this high risk pregnancy. However, depending upon the freelance opportunity, I would need a greater social media/blogging presence which I’m 100% on board with, but if I work on creating this, I would need ONE consistent name between blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, dilemma. I have a great blog name idea, but I’m not sure it would translate to other social media accounts. Of course I dunno because I’m no expert.

Ugh. Decisions, decisions.

Also, how would I address the anonymity of my current blog with potentially doing freelance writing under a social media handle? I’m okay with being less anonymous in theory, but protecting my kids will be priority. But, like you all, I love seeing daily pictures on blogs including kids, dogs, food, homes, etc. so I know that helps with generating followers. And let’s be real, Instagram is nothing.but.pictures.




So, fellow readers what are your thoughts? Should I rename and rebrand my blog? Should I use my new blog name as my social media handle? Should I just let it be for a while and see what happens?

p.s. I washed my hair today so basically…I’m winning at life right now!


Groundhog’s Day

Happy Groundhog’s Day ya’ll! Phil predicted an early end to Winter and to that I say, Hallelujah! Although I can’t complain because the fine south is blessing us with gorgeous 70 degree weather.

Now for some randomness:

  1. I’m working remotely next week and really looking forward to it.
  2. My nesting takes the form as stocking up the freezer and cabinets fit for an end of the world apocalypse.
  3. I’ve been feeling unmotivated towards work. I have some tedious projects I’m working on, and once I get into them, they aren’t that bad, but starting them is a struggle.
  4. I recently heard on the radio that working women don’t take all of their vacation days. Say what?! What’s especially bothersome to me, is that men do! Sistahs, PLEASE take your vacation days! You have earned them and it’s part of your compensation. If you don’t take them, you are in effect, giving yourself a pay cut. Don’t do that m’kay?
  5. I can already feel this baby move. I think he’s doing somersaults.

One last thing – stay tuned for a logo upgrade!!! My fabulous friend/website guru is giving it an overall because for one I don’t have blonde hair.


Tell me me about your Tuesday!


I was sitting on the couch two nights ago scrolling through Women’s Running. I read the article about Meb running Rock n Roll San Antonio and leading a pace group. Then after he finished he stayed on the course to give out hive fives.


Side Note: how cool would it be to get a high five from Meb??!!


Anyways, reading that article naturally lead me to reading tons of running articles linking from one to another as the inter webs does. Then all of a sudden I had a startling realization: I MET Meb!


Then I sat there in a cloudy, yet some how clear thought. Did I actually meet Meb or was it a dream? Then for the next couple of minutes a dream that I had a few nights before my half marathon was uncovered from my subconscience like a dusty box from an attic.


In my dream I didn’t actually meet Meb but he was at the same race expo I was at and was standing tall and lean with a calm relaxed confidence. Interestingly though, he was wearing jeans – something I thought was odd but regardless, my friend tried to convince me to go introduce myself but I didn’t. I mean after all I am a 2:22 half marathoner and my one and only marathon (so far) I did in 5:48. So there was that. And honestly in my dream, standing all of 5 feet away from Meb was enough.


He carried himself like an old friend – relaxed, smiling his Meb-tastic smile, and seriously oozing approachfulness (is this a word?). And that was really enough for me because in that moment, standing in the presence of Meb was more than enough. It was surreal, exciting, and comforting all at the same time.


Why I remembered this weeks later I don’t know, but I’m glad it’s been pulled out of my subconscience so I can say that I’ve met Meb, even if it was only in a dream.



Have you had any crazy dreams?

Have a dream you remembered weeks later?

Thanksgiving + MIA + Race Recap + #RWStreak

Woah! I know it’s been a while and after some nice check ins from a couple of my readers I thought I should get back on here. So I’ll start with Thanksgiving and work my way back to my race.

We had a wonderful low key Thanksgiving that started with our meal at 1 pm followed by movies and naps and another meal at 6 pm at our friends’ place. It was a great day with great food and great people. I hope you all enjoyed the day!

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit and life has just been busy. There’s stuff going on at work that I can’t really talk about now, but overall it’s good it just comes with growing pains as I call it. By next year, I’m sure things will settle down and smooth out. Until then I’m just sittin’ down and doin’ my job. FireFighterDad is well too as is Diapers. Speaking of Diapers, he’ll actually be starting preschool on Monday! I’m very excited for him and he’s at the perfect age where he’s social, fun, and loves playing with his friends. I’m excited to see all he does and learns.

I did in fact run the half marathon a couple weeks ago. I wanted to write an official race recap but instead I’ll paraphrase it here. First the weather was AHMAZING! It was 45 degrees at the start and although I was cold in shorts and a long sleeved base layer, I knew I would warm up quickly. Not to mention, last year it was 27 degrees and uncharacteristically cold for where I live. I was miserable. Another side note –  shorts are my running attire preference and I am SO glad I stuck with what I like even if it was 45. We arrived at the start about 10 minutes before race time so I quickly got in line for the port-a-potties and that’s when I realized….I forgot my bib! Never in all of my 17 years of racing have I done this!! At first I kinda freaked. Then rational thought entered my mind and I was actually, surprisingly okay with this. I knew I wanted to enjoy this race and getting a PR just wasn’t in the cards. So without a bib it really took a lot of (sub conscience) pressure off of me to beat my time from last year. 5 minutes before race time and I knew I wouldn’t have time to pee so I planned to stop at mile 4 at the port-potties. Again, something else I have NEVER done during a race. The race started on time and we were off. The first 4 miles felt amazing! I was going at a very conservative pace and just enjoying the engery. This is when it became clear to me that the Taper Madness is in fact a real thing. Every thing hurt leading up to the race and my legs felt tight and stiff. On race day – I felt like a million bucks. A good majority of this race is ran on a paved running trail that gets a little old but I quickly made a potty stop and resumed on the trail. I was alternating water and Gatorade at every aid station Every two miles, and took my first GU at mile 5. Mile 6 my lower back started getting tight but overall I was feeling good. A bit tired but happy with my pace and holding out for The Hill at mile 9. I was feeling immensely better at this point compared to last year. The group of ladies I was running with stopped at mile 7.5 for the port-apotties again and I continued on. I got to a really good pace hitting 9:45 pace between miles 7.5 to 9. I’m not sure if it was the GU kicking in or the thought of being done with the trail but I was feeling good. Mile 9 came and I really engaged my glutes (I only know this because they were very sore after the race!) and got up the hill!! I was kinda beat at the top and took a quick walk break and then got back into it. At mile 10 I took my second GU (mandarin orange which was disgusting!!) and at this point my lower back was really bothering me. It was so tight I just had to stop a couple times to stretch it out. Miles 10-12 was alternating 7-8 mins of running with 1-2 minutes of walking. I was feeling pretty tired and my back was killing me. One great thing about this race (which has surprised me the past two years), is that the finish line literally sneaks up on you. After mile 10 you make a left hand turn then a quick right hand turn and there’s an aid station and just past it is mile 11. From there it’s another series of turns through the neighborhood and mile 12 quickly appears. From there it’s one finally right hand turn and a straight shot to the finish line. The finish line, well actually all of mile 13 just about, is an uphill. It’s not as bad as mile 9, but it’s definitely a challenge. I always get an adrenaline rush when I see a finish line and this race was no exception. I turned the corner and started picking up my pace. When I saw mile 13 I picked it up more and did the best I could to stride into the finish. During this time I passed about 8-10 people. It’s a serious hill and I’m grateful for the adrenaline! I finished in 2:37:16. Not a PR but a pretty damn good race! Crazy story – 3 nights before my race I dreamed that I finished in 2:37:xx and was thrilled with the time. I wasn’t trying to hit this time at all during the race, but sure enough I did! Crazy right?!

#RWStreak started Thanksgivig day! It runs to New Year’s Day and only requires at least running 1 mile every day. I got my 1.1 miles in the past two days 😉 this is my next big running “event” to get me through the holidays and current craziness. Anyone else doing this?!

This is post is insanely long but thanks for sticking with me and happy weekend!

Food. All the food.

My days revolve around food.

I really like food.

Like, a lot.

So it’s no surprise to me when I start training for a race my love of food increases. While training, I really focus on good calories to fuel and nourish my body. I still indulge in my wine and my sweets, but I try to be conscience about my snack choices and my portions.

During this training cycle I haven’t lost any weight. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, and when my legs get nicely defined again, as they do every training cycle, I know the number on the scale isn’t accurate. And like most training cycles after a few weeks in, my body starts to crave healthy and fresh food. Read: Give.Me.All.The.Vegtables.Now. Intuitive eating has always fascinated me, and during training I like to keep to my Paleo-ish meals and intuitively eat. If my body wants all the vegetables, then it will get it. If my body wants milk, then milk I drink (I especially crave milk and carbs/sugar after hard or long runs so cue in my Ovaltine).

That’s all well in good. Where the challenge lies is this: I work 8-9 hours a day and wake up at the butt crack of dawn, so by 4 pm I am le tired and need simple and quick meals. Couple that with a 3.5 year old who loves macaroni and cheese, pizza, and cereal, and FirefighterDad, who will deny this, is a picky eater (love you honey!). And to be fair, he may not be craving salads and eggs, and all the food like I am.

So how do I get around this? 1.) Meal prep on weekends, and cook more elaborate meals on weekends. 2.) Leftovers. Plan for leftovers. Always. 3.) Simple, easy, fresh ingredients.

Here are some meals I have made in the past several weeks. Enjoy!

Carrot Pasta with a Sausage Tomato Sauce

Featured image

Pasta kills my stomach so enter carrot pasta. I actually prefer carrot pasta over zoodles (zucchini noodles) and I love this dish! The sweetness of the carrots really compliments the sausage.

Spinach Quinoa with a Fried Egg…or two.

Featured image

Sautéed spinach and onion then tossed it into cooked quinoa (I use plain quinoa, rinse it well and cook on stove top). Couple fried eggs and sliced fresh tomato and avocado. This was fantastic!

Meatballs and a Spinach Apple Peach salad

Featured image

Homemade meatballs (sautéed onion and spinach mixed in seasoned ground beef) from the freezer that I heated up and a simple salad. During this time I was craving peaches like crazy!

Egg Topped Burger with Sautéed Asparagus

Featured image

This was a very quick meal. Prepped hamburger patties and cooked them up, then fried an egg. Side note, I have no idea why I never tried this before! It just seemed so off-putting to me to put an egg on a burger, but oh so so good! Fresh spinach, tomato and avocado completed the ensemble. Asparagus was sauteed in butter with pepper and garlic salt.


Featured image

Three scrambled eggs topped with fresh tomato and avocado and 2 Earth’s Best “Cookie Monster” Blueberry Waffles (Diapers loves these waffles!) topped with maple syrup and fresh strawberries.

Adult Grilled Cheese

Featured image

I had some cooked and shredded chicken in the freezer so I thawed some, tossed it onto a grilled cheese along with some spinach and half a peach. Not all of the peach made it into the picture. This was a simple and quick lunch after a long run!

Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Lime Mango Salsa

Featured image

Shrimp tacos always turned me off because who wants to put cheese, sour cream, and salsa on shrimp? Not me. But, I then got the ingenious idea to create my own salsa, and ya’ll this was EPIC. I fired the shrimp (bought pre-cooked and peeled) up with a honey red pepper sauce and the salsa was 2 mangoes, some red onion, red pepper, cilantro, and lime juice. When I bit into my taco it was a flavor explosion in my mouth! Seriously, my taste buds were having a party and dancing like it was 1999. Make these. Now. It won’t disappoint.

So this was a random post about food and how much I like it and I just wanted to share. So here ya go!

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What is your favorite food to cook with?
  3. If you run, or work out, what post-workout foods do you like? This is so hard for me, because I’m usually hungry after a run, but NOTHING sounds good, so I could use some inspiration.

Indifferent and Holidays

It’s Monday and that means the countdown to the weekend has officially started. Hahaha, kidding…kinda. What has really started is the countdown to WINE!

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was enjoyable with equal parts laziness (read: I didn’t do laundry and I crapped out on doing a long run) and equal parts productive (read: I got 2 4 mile runs in this weekend) with decent weather. Speaking of running, there hasn’t been an update in a couple of weeks because, well there’s no easy way to say this except that I have fell of the training bandwagon. I know, I’m disappointed too.

I honestly don’t know what it is. The thought of waking up early and running was just not there. There were a couple mornings last week where it was 45 degrees outside and like any sane person, I chose to stay in bed. Where it’s warm.  And cozy.  Because I started this blog as a small way to document my life here’s a rough, and pathetic look at my training

Monday 10/12 – Didn’t run

Tuesday 10/13 – 6 mile run

Wednesday 10/14 – Scheduled rest day and I took it

Thursday 10/15 – 6 mile run

Friday 10/16 – Didn’t run

Saturday 10/17 – 12 mile long run in 2:05 (10:29 average mile pace)

Sunday 10/18 – Scheduled rest day

Monday 10/19 – Didn’t run

Tuesday 10/20 – Didn’t run

Wednesday 10/21 – Scheduled rest day

Thursday 10/22 – Didn’t run

Friday 10/23 – Didn’t run

Saturday 10/24 – 4 mile run

Sunday 10/26 – 4 mile jogging stroller run

As you can see I embraced last week and I knew no matter how many times I went to bed with my running clothes on (yes, I sleep in my running clothes. 4:30 am is early folks! Don’t judge, you know this is a brilliant idea!) I just wasn’t going to get myself out there so I gave myself a week off.  This weekend was nice. 4 miles goes by quickly but still feels like a really good workout and gets me sweating. I know if I want to see a PR for the half in 3 weeks I need to really focus and get through this home stretch. I have completely stopped following my initial training plan, so my goal until race day is roughly…

Mondays – 4 miles

Tuesdays – 6 miles with 3 @ race pace

Wednesdays – OFF

Thursday – 6 miles tempo

Friday – 6 miles easy

Saturday – 12 x2

The week of the race I’ll probably do 3 easy 6 mile runs during the week and take Thursday and Friday off completely.  I also have chiropractic and massage appointments schedule once per week for the next 3 weeks and I hope this helps with some of the tightness and “eh” felling in my hips, hip flexors, and upper quads.

Usually at this point I am so excited for my race that I can’t see straight.  And for some reason, I’m feeling indifferent. And I don’t know why. I love the half marathon distance, I like the race course and it’s a local small race which is easy logistically, FirefighterDad has the day off so he can actually see me run and cheer me on, which I know he’s thrilled about (read with sarcasm of course), but I’m still felling apathetic. And it kinda sucks, and I don’t why. Am I bored? Am I just over training (Yes! 15 weeks is a lot and in hindsight I didn’t need this much time. At least now I know my body adapts well to running 3 days in a row), am I just ready to have more flexibility with my running? I really don’t know. Anyone have any thoughts?! I’m hoping as I get back into my groove this week with running that my excitement for race day will show up.

Enough about my running. Let’s talk HOLIDAYS! I am SO ready for the holidays.

Holidays = No Work!

Featured image

Work has been crazy since April. Which seems eons away. The last 6-8 weeks of the year is always crazy with wrapping up projects, squeezing in the last bit of travel, and completing performance evals. It makes those weeks run together and go at warp speed. So yeah, I’m all for the holidays. So by the time Christmas rolls around, all I have planned is this…

Featured image

Well that’s it folks. It’s Monday. Thanksgiving is in 31 days and Christmas is in 60 days. You’re Welcome.

  1. Anyone training for a race and start to feel apathetic about race day or am I the only crazy one?
  2. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?!

Thoughts in My Mind – Tuesday Edition

  1. My office building is like an adult version of high school. It looks like a nice professional office building but inside it’s a sanctum of geek speak, nerd alerts, and proud flying dork flags where employees wear slacks and blouses and carry their laptops in back packs. And in typical high school fashion, there’s the popular lunch table which I finally get to sit at it. #MovingUpInLife.
  2. I’ve had the same black mary jane’s since I was in high school! High school ya’ll! That was a little over 10 years ago! 10 Years divided by $25 shoes = Bargain Shopper!
  3. There’s a cold front that has moved through my area and I like the cold until I don’t like the cold.

Have a great day!